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Famous Women: 3rd Grader project

Posted by darbs on July 27, 2009

Tie a yellow ribbon  round the little mango tree

Tie a yellow ribbon round the little mango tree

In the early years of 2000 when my son was still in third grade, he had this writing board project from school.

In that project he was asked to pick two famous women.

He should pick one famous woman from his parents’ native country (the Philippines!),

and the other famous woman should be just about anybody in the face of the earth.

Book case

Barrio Siete Libray book case

My son personally picked JK Rowlings, the author of Harry Potter series: Read the Harry Potter’s Barrio Siete Writer Sa Confession Box.

Seven Books

Harry Potter the Barrio Siete 7 Book Series

Barrio Site Ad: JK Rowling’s Harry Potter Latest Movie.

Harry Potter the latest movie

Harry Potter the latest movie

Parents’ Role:

As active participants to our son’s education (one of the objectives of the project), we (parents) must then pick one famous woman  from our native country, the Philippines.

Without second thought, I recommended “María Josefa Gabriela Cariño Silang!

Gabriela Silang Monument

Gabriela Silang Monument Photo Credits: panoramio.com

If  I am not mistaken, I was about his grade (way back in grade school), when I learned about Gabriela Silang.

According to my memory, Gabriela Silang  was born in the same day and same month as my son’s.  I also believe that she was a very brave woman at palaban ng itakan-saksakan-hampasan-barilan-pugutan ng ulo kasama na.

She was the first Filipino woman to lead a revolt during the Spanish colonization of the Philippines. source: wikipedia

Her husband Diego Silang a leader of insurgency considered to be the ENEMY OF THE STATE and because of that he was assassinated.

First draft done!

We finished the first draft and passed the project for approval before we could put it in the sum’tin size white paper.

JKRowlings was approved but there was a little problem with Gabriela Silang.  She was not exactly on the list as per recommendation from the sinong kihudang-pusang-iring na gumawa ng listahan as famous.

Saved by Tita Cory!

Tie a yellow riboon

Tie a yellow ribbon around the tiny mango tree

Masakit man sa loob na tinanggihan ang favorite na Kagalang galang- Katapang tapangan na Gabriela Silang, para walang gulo, who else should I pick? Of course Tita Cory.

famous-womenSince then nakadikit na sa dingding ang Tita Cory kasama si JK Rowlings: The Famous Women…

Famous Women sa ding-ding nakadikit

Famous Women sa ding-ding nakadikit

Mula noon hanggang ngayon araw araw syang kasama sa batang ipinanganak sa Amerika.


6 Responses to “Famous Women: 3rd Grader project”

  1. hehehe! maawa ka naman sa mangga tree! mukhang nituuk mo na di na makahinga hahaha

    • darbs said

      @Kamahalan, promise is a promise.

      Di ba nag promise akong doon ko itatali ang yellow thingy alang alang sa ating Tita Cory.

      Sa ngayon matutuuk talaga ang manggang yan hanggang sa huling hininga o recovery ni Tita Cory.

  2. habang nagbabasa ako, akala ko si cory aquino agad ang sinuggest mo. buti na lang in the end, siya ang napili…i love tita cory…

    • darbs said

      Pads, alam mo na minsan may pagka dramatic effect kuno.

      Dahil kasi pag pinili kaagad si Tita Cory, eh hindi na ma mention si Tita Gabriela.

      Alam mo na kahit papaano, eventhough nag advocate tayo ng non-violence, pero hindi rin makakalimutan ang mga sinaunang TAPANG-TAPANGAN culture. hehehe.

      Tita Cory, all the way!

  3. Gabriela Silang sounds like she could have been Mrs. Aquino’s ancestor and inspiration. Why on earth would she not have been on the list?? With a monument to her honor, it seems that either the teacher was ignorant, or there are so many famous Filipino women that she had to pick an arbitrary cut-off date. I’d have argued the point, but Mrs. Aquino was a wonderful choice, too. What a great story!

    • darbs said

      Hi Holly! What an honor! Thanks for the visit.

      The disclosure effect:

      To be fair, let me borrow your tagline.

      This blog is 99.3% truth, .7% blatant lies. Somewhere in between lies my perspective on life. — Holly Jahangiri

      Let me rephrase or plagiarize your tagline…
      This entry is .7% truth, 99.3% blatant lies. Somewhere in between lies my perspective on life. — darbs

      Truth is, there was an instruction on how to search for the famous women project (credentials, accomplishments, celebrity status…) which of course I ignored. I thought I could get away with it. hehehe.

      I know, sometimes I like to play a role of a stubborn bastard and a jerk but hey this is America! As long as there was no crime committed why not. And most of all, if I could get away with it, why not. But in this case it is more on as what you said;

      there are so many famous Filipino women that she had to pick an arbitrary cut-off date.

      Yes, you are right.

      Mrs. Aquino was a wonderful choice, too

      And without the story, with just .7% truth in it, I would not have met you!

      Now that is 99.99% TRUTH!

      Again, what an honor! – THAT IS 100% TRUTH!

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