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Matud Nila: What’s up with the flute bro!

Posted by darbs on July 27, 2009

Let me be a “tong tong pakitong” … Let me wear the mask of the “ALIMASAG MENTALITY”  Let me be the tongtong this time.

Image Credits: Ihay.wordpress.com

Image Credits: lhay.wordpress.com

Let me use the image as me for this rant because I could not take it anymore. Come on now. Have you gone mad Mr. Fluter?

Yes, I am talking to the youtube flute player. The singer is cool but not the fluter or the turotuter whatever blowing instrument out of tuner that is!

Listen at your own risk

The fluter might sound like me “kung gapataka ug tira” but could not be me! But if it was me then I would never ever play the notes which I considered terrible.

Reason: There is No HARMONY at all…tira pasagad… the flute was all over the place…hitting notes wala diri – wala didto… – out of context…sakit kaayo sa dalunggan…makalabad sa ulo – – IT IS TORTURE TO LISTEN sa flute.

There I said it.

If it is just me who reacted this way, then I can try my best to love the definition of your

Mr. Fluter

Mr. Fluter

harmony. Maski yabag ug pinataka paminawon, I will try to ignore it.

However, let me warn you that if ever you meet my  musician “oldies” , you flute player, all I can tell you is that ….”gipakdong ka na man giod tawon!” Gipanghimaraut ka na unta. And eventually, kompiskado ang imong instrumento and you are banned to play any instrument that will produce sound that sounds silly.

Sorry giod igsoong “FLUTER/RECORDER” I don’t mean TO BE MEAN and touch your ego pero bay, wala man giod harmony.

Ug sa Matud Nila mo ba gigamit? Kung sa simbahan pa, BLASPHEMOUS!

In the era of  “Right to Reply”, you might shed us light on how in the hell did you pick those notes? Do you really believe there was harmony? Please educate me with your harmony. Please, please. Thank you.


2 Responses to “Matud Nila: What’s up with the flute bro!”

  1. lhay said

    nice blog, buti na lang napadalaw ako…

  2. darbs said

    Hi, Lhay salamat naman at napadalaw ka na rin.

    nice blog, buti napadalaw ako…

    Thanks kung ganoon but please don’t count on the first impression dahil kung nabasa mo lang ung email na binabasa ko medyo may iilan din ang nag-express ng kanilang opinion contrary sa iyong sinabi. Pero sa ngayon pasalamat na lang sa iyong impression at sa dalaw.

    See you around!

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