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A letter of Nathaniel to the exodianos

Posted by exodians on July 29, 2009

Dear Brothers,


Photo Credits: nycsymphony.org

I just received an email from Mr. David Eaton – Music Director of the New York Symphony Orchestra and a planned awards night in the next annual event featuring the winning entries  performing in one stage together with the New York Symphony Orchestra Director and Founder of Peace Music Community that I won as a 4th placer in the US First international Peace  Songwriting Contest with my song entry “GIVE PEACE A CHANCE” sung by my wife Judie. Pangalawa na po ito na award na natanggap ko internationally with the same song.

The Grand Prize winner is a well known award winning songriter who already worked with Trisha Yearwood, Martina McBride and some famous singers.

To be lined up with these people is already a great achievement especially when we excel in peace advocacy. Meron din isang pinoy na nakapasok sa top 12, he is from Davao city. A CD compilation will be launched within this year

Kung matuloy ang plans, baka magkita kami ni Darbs dun sa US… sana.. hahahaha

You can join the Peace Music Community http://peacemusiccommunity.ning.com and register yourself. Sa mga di pa nakarinig sa song ko, please visit my website http://www.showcaseyourmusic.com/nathanielcabanero and your comments are all welcome.

Here’s the list of the top 12

The 2009 US First International Peace Songwriting Contest Awards:

First Prize:
Song Title: “What If”
Author: Louis Cate, Alexandria, VA
Award: $2,000

Second Prize:
Song Title: “Heaven on Earth”
Authors: Olatunji Talabi, Erlanger, KY, and Guilherme Schroeter, Brazil
Award: $1,500

Third Prize:
Song Title: “Cool Revolution”
Author: Laleh Nader, New York, NY
Award: $1,000

Fourth Prize:
Song Title: “Give Peace a Chance”
Author: Nathaniel Cabanero, Ireland
Award: $500

Fifth through Twelfth Prizes: – $200 Award each:

Song Title: “Rainbow People”
Author: Danilo Nardi, Italy

Song Title: “One”
Author: Karen Benedetto, Congers, NY

Song Title: “United We Stand”
Author: Gordon Worthy, Boston, MA

Song Title: “Orbit”
Author: Linda Rosch, Washington, DC

Song Title: “We All Laugh in the Same Language”
Author: Marla Lewis, Wantaugh, NY

Song Title: ” Dreams of Peace”
Author: Lawrence Bach, El Paso, Texas

Song Title: “Peace on Earth”
Author: Cecilia St. King, Kingston, NY

Nathaniel Cabanero: songwriter/singer [Pop, Easy Listening, Christian]

Nathaniel Cabanero: songwriter/singer (Genre: Pop, Easy Listening, Christian) Photo Credits: showcaseyourmusic.com/nathanielcabanero

Nathaniel Cabanero ( The Songwriter ) has been writing songs for more than 2 decades already. He is from Philippines currently living in Ireland.

Currently, Nathaniel Cabanero was one of the top 10 finalists in Tipperary International Peace Songwriting Contest 2008 held in Ireland with other 9 finalist from around the world

He was one of the finalists in Red Cross International Songwriting contest in 1999 and other local contests.

He released 2 albums back in the Philippines namely; Steward of His Creation & Until The End

He is blest with a wife JUDIE ( The Singer ) who is also a recording artist.

16 Responses to “A letter of Nathaniel to the exodianos”

  1. Miel said

    Congratulations Mr. Nathaniel! I always feel happy and proud for Filipinos like you! God bless you always! (To Darbs, thanks for posting this as an inspiration to other pinoys!) Can I post this too? I am asking permission para mas marami ulet makabasa hehehe

    • darbs said

      Miel, we all proud of Nathaniel.

      Sa walang favor favor galing looban din kasi. Nakaka inspire nga.

      Kasabot sad na syag bisaya kay taga didto man sad na sa Mindanao parting Cotabs Nortehanon ug eksodyan pa giod sya!

      I don’t think there is a problem kung ma post nimo. mas daghan mas bibo di ba?

      Salamat igsoon!

      Always timing giod kaayo ka ba.

      Enjoy ka sa imong bakasyon? feel refresh ka na siguro no?

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  3. Nathaniel said

    Nakuratan man ko ani Darbs..

    Maulaw man ko ani hinoon…..

    Again, thanks sa recognition…..

    Because of some of my little achievements, I have few songs being included in the forthcoming albums; 3 songs signed by an Artist (British National), 1 song
    by a Fil-swedish artist and 3 songs music publishing contract in the Philippines and an upcoming religious inspirational album here in Ireland (at least may little Manoling Francisco dito hehehe).

    Everything is on the right track. Watch out for the release of the CD album Compilation of the 12 finalists of the First US Peace SOngwriting contest which will be launched this year organised by NYS Orchestra Music Director David Eaton

    Don’t forget to visit my website and leave your feedback… http://www.showcaseyourmusic.com/nathanielcabanero

    Thanks for your support.


    • bonz said

      Kuyawa sad nga accomplishment, proud na sad ko kay NDAS man sad ko gikan…., I actualy sung the song ” Give Peace a Chance” during the Mindanao Week of Peace 2008 at SUltan Kudarat, Provincial Capitol” i am just so happy na we’re on the same origin…So Long! i hope i could have the complete album of the your song bro!

      agi-agi lang ko.

      • Nathaniel said

        No worries bro basta ma-release na ang CD.
        The song Give Peace A Chance is a revised version.. may mga bata na nagback up compared sa Original na kinanta mo siguro…

        Thanks for singing my song….

        Tata / Nathaniel

    • ivan said

      Wow…! It is an honor to all Filipino people. Your such a very talented person…God bless!

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  5. leroy said

    Kuyawa ni tata oy…pang inernational na gyud. congrats we are for you buddy!!!


  6. chuvs said

    Wow! I listened to the song.. very good!

    Nathaniel – Go Go Go!! Make us all proud!

    Your wife’s voice is great as well! Congratulations!

    Give Peace a Chance…

  7. dFish said

    Congrats pareng Nathaniel. Isang pasada sa bi ug Leader of the Band or Longer (way tagnaay sa edad haha).

  8. Nathaniel said

    please visit to my new website at http://www.reverbnation.com/c./a4/1160712/504525/Artist/504525/Artist/link


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  10. Junobs said

    Ta, better late than never hehe, congratulations to you and your singing wife for this achievement. Pasensya ka na, karon lang nako nadunggan ang songs. Having known you personally, i can’t help but give you SALUTE. Keep up with what you are doing out there, ours is to pray that you will be given more chances and opportunities as you are always becoming proud of being Filipinos abroad.

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