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Signum Crusis Tita Cory (+)

Posted by exodians on August 1, 2009

Screenshot image: Wikipedia

Screenshot image: Wikipedia

Today, Tita Cory’s soul/spirit left her body.

Many are sad.

Many are mourning – including our Ka Barrio Siete where you could read their different reactions when they heard about the news.

Many cried.

Signum Crusis Corazon Aquino.

Their reactions in the face of death are real as real as ours who were there on January 22, 1987. Like them we cried the day when Mendiola Massacre happened.

Would she ever meet those who died in the MENDIOLA MASSACRE? Is it in heaven?

It was a simple question from one of the relatives/mothers/sons/daughters of the farmers who died that day.

Hail Mary… will they look each other in the eyes…

Full of grace, why they have to die…

The Lord is with us…cancer…

massacre… sak-sak dunggab are they the same? Our Father…

This is our prayer!


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