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Sa Kambas ng Lipunan Revisited

Posted by darbs on August 2, 2009

“Kambas ng Lipunan” the second time around

On March 17, 2008, I blog this youtube video entitled “Sa Kambas ng Lipunan” -a  documentary of a Filipino painter with  his canvas, The Last Supper. The canvas as he described it,

Instead of the usual apostles clad in long clothes, I painted hungry kids covered with dirt; street scavengers…


Screenshot courtesy: Sa Kambas ng Lipunan

This should bring us to my personal experience as a street scavenger in the street of  New York City!.

Here we go.

One day  while I was walking on my way to work, I saw  a canvas in the sidewalk resting under the tree. Anybody could have picked it up because there was nothing wrong with the canvas. In fact, it was in a very good condition. I was in the right place and in the right time.


If you were a New Yorker, garbage is everyday occurrence. Household garbage was sometimes rotten and smelly lying in the sidewalk ready for pick-up and some were in good conditions while other needed repair just like the bike below.

Bike thrown away

bicycle left at the corner of the street ready for pick-up

The painting I saw under the tree was a little a bit odd. When I finally saw what the canvas was, my first question was  who in their right mind throw something like that? But, this is America, people throw things, they throw their garbage.

The canvas reminded me of my  religion/belief/tradition and of  the dream that went to the drain.

The canvas had reminded me once again of the saying,  “few are chosen” that is why I was OUT and they are In! and God has reasons why.

In fact, I willingly accepted long time ago the good old adage because if not, then my soul will go to HELL! hala ka diha!

But like doubting Thomas, I doubted too because my story was different. I WAS LITERALLY KICKED OUT  for the reason that I have no SPIRITUALITY! And of course the charge was coming from THE HIGHEST AUTHORITY IN THE LAND of the wonderland.

love-is-warPadre Damaso de Ispirilitsugas as we all know who evaluated my spirituality was the MOST ANNOINTED who had  strong spirituality without earthuality and very much known with his piousness – –  the most divine of the divines who later after three months as our GREATEST SPIRITUAL DIRECTOR OF all times became a bishop. Yes, He became a bishop of the Philippine Roman Catholic Church. Wow!

Who could defy him when he UTTERED THE WORDS, you have NO SPIRITUALITY! – – NO SPIRITUAL DIRECTION?  NOT EVEN ang BATICAN as evidence when he was ORDAINED AS BISHOP! COOL HA?

Yap, that’s how cool he was – – maybe he is… – – and will be.

Not only that I was kicked out from the seminary, I was kicked out (excommunicado) also from my own PRELATURE, now Diocese of somewhere. Hello Heswitics!

Where should I go? Don’t worry, and  I DON’T NEED you to PITY that young hard headed exsem. He is old now and just telling HIStory. Truth or not…Who cares it was long time ago.

2009: Better man

New Yorker 2009: The Better man - Lose Weight - Make Money - Have More Sex - HAH!

YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO REPLY IF YOU WANTED TO. Please feel free  to pass by and comments. Hey, don’t worry it was long time ago. By the way where are the testimonials? Did you hide them properly inside the vatican archive? Please do… and protect them dearly so we will not embarrass each other because we all know the story behind the curtain.

Twenty-three years of hearing those words ringing in my head – day after day – night after night taunting me- no spirituality and no spiritual direction – – that ended my dream – –  lan-awon ta kung dili makubalan ang imong kasingkasing and don’t worry I made sure that I live with your FRIGGING EXPECTATIONS- – EXCOMMUNICATION? WHO CARES EITHER! I don’t wanna say bring it on! kay it was on already, remember?

the-new-yorkerAgain, PLEASE DON’T EVER PITY ON ME! Not a bit. I am alright. But If you did you should have done that 23 years ago, not now… NOT EVER!

A friend of mine suggested that I should convert myself  to other Religion. My answer is always be… I’d rather be a non-BELIEVER or an ATHEIST than GO TO OTHER religion. There is no third choice for me. Either a Roman Catholic or NO GOD nor No Religion at all. End of the story.

painting1 paint2
paint3 paint4

While taking these pictures, there was once again the question of defiance. Do I want to prove once more that I don’t really have a spirituality and add evidence to their collective decision was right -INFALLIBLE bs! – mga CLERICO PASISTA nga daan – – of course their decision was EXCELLENT – – the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH SHOULD condone… FOREVER AND EVER AMEN. So help me God and forever put  shame to myself -AND – MYSELF ALONE! Pasangil? IPASANGIL TANAN SA AKOA MGA UNDOY! Pasanginli si buktot sa inyong sa inyong desisyon. I accept it!

In the seminary, if you were accused of no spirituality – – you are in a deep deep sh*t. Add this to your rectora nga wa makapangukoy, naglagot common1kay si BUKTOT ra man giod ang wa maukoy… puerting lagota kay ang tanang TIKBOY sa iyang katedral naumoy – APAN SI BUKTOT wa matandog, pero nahikapan hinoon kay kinahanglan gud ug pamasahi pauli so unsay gamiton? -ang bulawanong katahom…ug ang panguts – then that is a DISASTER. EMBRASSMENT? KATAW-AN SA UBANG RELIHIYON? come on! WE DID IT TO OURSELVES, why worry? WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF BLOGGING! WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF GERRY SPRINGER! WELCOME TO NEW YORK CITY! WELCOME TO THE BROADWAY SHOW!

I was late for work that day because I have to carry the painting back in the house thinking on how I prove to the world that I don’t really have a spirituality – – I need that proof.

Faith Retardation: To prove that I don’t really have a spirituality because I have to live with it. I DON’T WANT TO DISAPPOINT my former SPIRITUAL DIRECTOR WHO BECAME A bishop …then gladly the AHA MOMENT CAME! I sold THE PAINTING in EBAY! and there is your NO Spirituality, damn ass nga ispirilitsugas. (there! – your delicadeza! silingan ni Damasoy Wakalamoy!)

CONVINCE NOW? So that is the reason why, I am here and you are there. Thank you very much!

By the way, ispirilitsugas remember the priest who not sure what your story with him. But the way I perceived your story, that priest had no balls to confront you. Do you still remember the story about that priest you shared with your batos? (Apology for overhearing it…) I wonder where he is now. Hope he could read this blog and join the force ug matubuan sad ug itlog.


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