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On the Road: Hiatus Mode Week 3

Posted by darbs on August 24, 2009

Dear Fellas,

Salamat sa inyong pagbisita lalo na sa mga nag komentaryo sa On the Road: The Hiatus Mode.


Week 3 na: Breaking the silence. Sharing of experiences… blogging/texting/ are allowed only for an hour.

Warning: Email is not allowed.

A very good excuse why I could not check my email.

The On the Road Update

“On the first part of the journey” – America (from New York City to Florida) was a very safe journey. Thank you, YOU!

What if scenario:

  • If I am not a believer, then thanks fellow cool safe drivers.
  • If I am a believer, then thanks Jesus!
  • Thank you, Oh Lord! “The Lord is my Shepherd”
  • Thank you Allah, if I were a Moslem
  • Thank you God, gOD, god, and God

Remembering how it was. Letseng NDAS year 1987.


Dayon na lang luhod luhod apil na dupa-dupa og hangad sa kahitas-an. Praktisado nga daan ni SD luhod luhod usa ka oras atubangan sa “One Bread, One Body!” You screwed me up! bwahahahah!

Message: When we touched down in the State of Georgia, we have to stop and kiss the land.  Somewhere in this part of Georgia, in the City of Atlanta is the birthplace of the Civil Rights leader.

This is also the Vasilica of the Coca Cola ™ World. Remembering the 1980’s popular Phil. Coke Advertisement – – Coke adds life!

Kanimo kahitas-an. Makahadlok nga kalangitan. Kung mobusdak ang dakong dag-om, matud pa, “haskang atayang ulana”, resulta mao nga  ang visibility mo reduce, mag slippery road na dayon. Na kay may gibatig kahadlok, ampo na dayon nga panalipdan sa maong salaod. Himo na dayon ug “Compilation of prayers for the travelers” by Darbs. Tagpila pud kaha ang baligya. Naa pud kahay mopalit? Ah, racket… hey, that is what they called here “intrepreneurs!”

Thanks for the safe journey too!

Rest area along the State of Georgia, USA

google-mapComments  po ninyo aking mga kapatid ay handang sagutin as humanly as possible based sa ating reflection of the day. Basta ang warning lang po “To err is human…” at sabi pa doon sa t’shirt, “To forgive is impossible”

Unang Komentaryo: La Kapitana de Barrio Siete

Traveler 1

. . .ba’t ka pa dumaan nang Philadelphia when you could have taken the New Jersey Turnpike all the way to Delaware bypassing Philadelphia?

Sagot: Kasalanan ng GPS. Kailangan na po ng upgrade. Pero ang totoo, walang halong biro napadaan lang sa mga engkantong pwends na naka tira sa bandang dyan.

Kaya padaan lang po, sabay istok.


Important info:

The final list of US highways was agreed upon on November 11, 1926. In the early years, auto-tourists followed the US routes like they had the Auto-Trails. During the Great Depression, the U.S. and state governments put men to work improving and extending the nation’s roads and highways. Source: http://www.us-highways.com/

New Jersey

New Jersey

NJ Turnpike

NJ Turnpike

We arrived safely in a gorgeous Florida sunrise. Thank you, YOU!


Traveler 2

Question from Miss Florida:

Saan sa Florida kayo pupunta…

Sagot: Orlando at Tampa ang punta manay Reesekie. August adventure para kuno sa kabataang maka-pursuit of happiness and liberty.

By the way 2003 naka Orlando na rin by plane nga lang for the MAGIC KINGDOM ADVENTURE. 2009 na kailangan ang Road Trip sa ibang sulok ng America. So  from Florida  mag state hopping na lang.

Destinations: Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Kentucky, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York City



State of Florida

Mode of Transport: Road Transport (Automobile)

North Carolina: Rest Area

Rest Area, NC

I-95 Cumberland County Rest Area, North Carolina

North Carolina Rest Area

North Carolina Rest Area

This is the place where machines and human rest. Engine off. Travellers doze off.

Sabi pa, “hindi ba nakakatakot ang mag stop sa Rest Area at matulog ng mahimbing…” Tulog pati si Prince Charming. Don’t worry may anghel de la guardia.

Being free from fear is freedom by itself

Being free from fear is freedom by itself

What is there to be afraid of except the drunk drivers, Road Rage Drivers (with guns) and Sleeping While Driving Drivers on the highway very scary and for real. Rest Area is the answer.

Yes, in the rest areas people can still dream the “American Dream” and/or experience living the “American Dream”

rest-areaThe pursuit of happiness and liberty…

Money for clunkers! Trade your car for a TRUCK. Alang alang sa ekonomiya. I-trade in mo kaya?

Photo op lang for The Clunkers 2009.

Photo op: $$$ for Clunkers a free money from the U.S. Government (tax payers money) to stimulate the economy.

$ ends on Monday

the flow of $ for clunkers ended Monday

Update: Clunkers for Refrigerators daw sabi pa ni Chuvs. Basahin na lang po.

What a treat!
Salamat gid nga damo Manoy ug Manay! Salamat America especially ang Florida. “Ah! God Bless America… My home, sweet home…”

Y fuera más brillante más fresca, más florida, -J Rizal’s Mi Ultimo Adios Camera's Setting: Landscape - Early A.M. Orlando, FL Digital camera’s setting: Landscape –  A.M. Orlando, FL

misty morning
misty morning around 7:00 A.M.

A place for me to stay… looks familiar eh!

Naa sa yuta…

dahong-layaMother Nature’s Treat


Ang pinoy mapagbiro po. “Po” kasi po as a sign of respect. Pero pag mawalan ka na ng respeto kagaya ni Willie mag salitang de rapido ka na lang,  “tang nang gipaMulong mo!” kakunsabong Relate Turbong De Molamoy Trosong Kahoy na may ugat at dugo ang may pakana dikta mula sa utak papuntang gikumoy De Padreng Damasoy. HESUS KONG MALOLOY-ON!

A strategic post

A strategic post


A hiding place… Just remembering “Hide and Seek,” the game we used to play while we were kids.

i found silence

You can see incoming traffic from every direction.

Sa imong pag hangad, not bad kay may atup na sad.


Sometimes it’s the journey, sometimes it’s the destination—and sometimes, it’s both. Source: National Geographic Traveler


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