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Mas fresca, mas Florida: Orlando Walt Disney part 2

Posted by darbs on August 27, 2009

Walt Disney’s Epcot is a perfect place to be. A fairy land where I don’t have to use my imagination.

Epcot, Orlando

Epcot, Orlando

I experienced right there what Walt Disney have promised, “A Place Where Dreams Come True” kung may kwarta kang ikagasto. Kung wala kay kwarta o sapi tungod sa kapobrehon, ang solusyon mao nga mag dil-dil ka na lang og asin o kung way asin kaon ka na lang ug hangin dayon kalibang og utot.

Ang Baruto sa Epcot

Ang Baruto sa Epcot

There is peace and harmony but I am old enough to know what is fake and what is real.

barrio siete

7: Reminded me of Barrio Siete

Gladly, I was there to enjoy the scenery and had fun not to be critical. Why should I? Who am I not to appreciate the “Garden of Eden” created by Walt Disney?

garden-of-eden garden-of-eden-2

Suddenly the bee came by for the litraks.

As busy as a bee

Ah, as busy as a bee

After the slow ride to the past, we headed to the World Show Case representing  eleven nations.


My first photo op was in Mexico.

Signature: Hello, Mexico Ancient Culture

Signature: Hello, Mexico Ancient Culture

Inside the pyramid…

Mexico: Cultura Antigua

Mexico: Cultura Antigua

Ancient Culture

What a weird looking Los Angeles Y Los Santos they have.


From Mexico to China…

Passing by China

Passing by China: Is Lee there?

” Nup, who’s Lee?” said the man. We skipped the China fun and walked towards Germany.


We went to Germany’s Buffet. Hey, the eat all you can, “kaon hangtud ka mabusdik ug hangtud mangaburot imong tiyan sa kabusog aron may ikalibang o ikalibanga ba kaha.”

Germany Buffet Germany Buffet


Germany salo-salo

After not joining the salo-salo kay ang pagkaon morag lamian tan-awon apan morag dili nako matulon so nag tambay na lang ko sa Japan.


The heat wave on that day affected my memory so I don’t remember what country this next picture was taken.


I'm sure this is some kind of a gorgoyle of Notre Dame.

Our trip to the next country was cut short. We need to go back to our place because someone in the group had rushes rashes all over his body. Was that because of the heat wave, the food? I don’t know but MEDICAL ATTENTION WAS NEEDED. Don’t worry we have MEDICAL INSURANCE. Thank you.

The Cross na sad

Passing by the sign of the Cross na sad

and leaving behind kids playing the “tambol-tambol-dukduk”  instruments…

instrumentTime is up!


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