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The Orlando to Tampa Florida Connection part 1

Posted by darbs on August 29, 2009

Moving out from our Orlando abode was a little bit depressing at a time when you begin to feel comfortable.

fruity or flowerThe feeling reminded me at the end of every semester in the seminary when we say “goodbye” to  our fellow formandis who decided not to come back and/or “advised” to stay outside the seminary wall until further notice.

the wall

Here is the theme song in the eve of GOODBYES.

tubtub sa aton pagkita,
kauturan nga pinalangga
magahilayuay sa di madugay
adios sa inyo palanggang tunay
amligi guid ang gugma ta
ihatag naton sa diwa?
Adios na sa inyo
Adios pinalangga
Tubtub sa aton pagkita


One of Kentucky's Rest Area

I am not sure kung koraks ang lyrics . Please make corrections na lang sa mga miron dyan na familiar sa kanta.

A Kentucky Rest Area Photo Op

A Kentucky Rest Area Photo Op

Back to Orlando here we go Tampa: It was time to move on and say “goodbye,” – so long until next time Orlando and here we go Tampa.

Before Tampa there is Orlando

After Orlando, we headed to Tampa as seen in the map below

Tampa this time

Tampa this time

It was beautiful sunny afternoon.

beautiful dayIn just few minutes of driving along I-4W, the weather changed. Suddenly, we were entering into the path of Florida’s thunderstorm.

storm-comin-2Here is another fez of a storm along Central Florida on our way to Cypress Garden . http://www.cypressgardens.com/


Note: If you happened to watch the video advertisement in their website (cypress.com), I am sorry to inform you that the place was deserted when we were there. But the scenery was breathtaking (another blog entry).


Cypress Garden, Central Florida


Back to the road: When that thingy poured down upon us, commuters reduced their speed to a halt running with the hazard lights on.


Some parked their vehicles at the shoulder and stopped driving out of respect. I was tempted to do so but “The Our Father…” mixed with the “Hail Mary” and humming the “Lord is my shepherd” with my eyes on the road  observing the proper distance of the car in front of me… I kept on driving.

visibility reduced

We were now running at least 15 miles an hour in a 70 miles an hour speed limit. It was unnerving but I guess prayers gave me the illusion of sum’tin, sum’tin. “NO FRIGGING SPIRITUALITY or NO FRIGGING RELIGIOSITY who cares! Those prayers are free anyway.

DELIKADESA? Here is one! Si Padre Damasoy bitaw kaniadto sa seminaryo, after mangukoy sa Tikboys, mohatag pa giod ug misa dayon gunit sa OSTIA! Acceptable gani. If I think about it right now… IT IS I-EWWWW!

Kay akong sala, akong sala, akong dako nga sala…kapatawaran!

Langitnong Kalayo Salamat

Langitnong Kalayo Salamat


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