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Cypress Gardens, one last glimpse

Posted by darbs on September 2, 2009

Our visit in Cypress Gardens must come to an end.


To EXAMEN practitioneer, it was a blessing – a place to be at that moment.

Hello there, duckling

Hello there, duckling

Personal reflection. Pls. don’t read. Ah! Here we go again. The EXAMEN: The Ignatian Reflective Moment, my moment of choice which is by the way,  the ANTI Bispoy Mulongins Ispirilitsugas luhod luhod dala katulog cohort de Padre Damasoy Wakalamoy style.

Cypress Gardens 2009

Cypress Gardens 2009. The EXAMEN came alive.

That should prepare me mentally and emotionally on the road to our next destination which is Atlanta, Georgia – where I could finally visit the birth place of the Civil Rights Leader DR. MARTIN LUTHER KING JR.

” It is no longer a choice my friends, between violence and nonviolence. It is either nonviolence or nonexistence.” -mlk

But as we all know, humanity choose nonexistence… 911, Iraq War… Afganistan War… Nuclear Weapons…Armaments of distruction… killings… sak-sak dunggab… massacre… extra-judicial killings… assassinations… and continued training of our young men and women militarily, “to kill or and be killed…”

cypress gardens 2009

FYI: The distance from Cypress Gardens to Atlanta, Georgia is about 474 miles (763km).  See the Google Map below  Cypress Garden to Atlanta, Georgia.

Central Florida to Atlanta, Georgia

Central Florida to Atlanta, Georgia

To be on the road in few hours, I need to doze off. While I was in a deep sleep (36 six minutes to be exact) here is my proof that somebody was mocking me.

Dozed off less I know somebody was mocking me

The mocking kid

The rest was history…

cypress-garden-mother-natureFeel thy power!

Feel the pain

Ouch! ouch! Feeling the NDAS 1987 pain, the 50 million brain cells that won't let go.

cypress gardens, fallsThe Cultural Night Effect: Just a form in question

The moment of silence

The moment of silence, familiarizing where we are going...

cypress gardens, grandstand

Where is everybody? The place experienced recession? or they all went to Walt Disney.

I didn’t mind because I considered the experience the best quality time – The MOTHER, the Son and me.

cypress garden, kneeling 3

Thank you!

Mother Nature provides

Mother Nature provides . . .

cypress garden banana

cypress garden, kneel 5

Nia ang binuhat nga giyatak yatakan, gipanghimaraut, giintriganah, ug gibasura. Pastilanan mo rinan!

Matud pa sa awit, “Tell my father!, Tell my mother!” message to my people… “I am not angry. I am just saying…”


God Bless America! My Home, Sweet Home…

Arrival Time

Arrival Time

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