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On our way to Georgia, Atlanta

Posted by darbs on September 4, 2009

After few hours in Cypress Gardens, Central Florida: Blog entry 1 and Blog entry 2, it was time to move out.

Cypress Gardens, Florida to B. Atlanta, Georgia
474 miles (763 Kilometers)

Central Florida to Atlanta, Georgia

Central Florida to Atlanta, Georgia (474 miles), rest area exits not included.

Greetings: Hello There Fellow WordPress Blogger! If somebody could write better, concise and clear, why not create a link to that site? Here is  [Kuklamo’s World] wordpress blogger’s take on Cypress Gardens: Her description of the place and aw much is the Entrance Fee.

Mental Graffiti 1: ” Habang libo libong mga katutubo ang nag-iiyakan, ako’y patuloy sa aking kasiyahan.”  Sakit ng Kalingkingan ay Dama nang Buong Katawan.

GPS calculated arrival time was 11:31 P.M.

Arrival Time

Arrival Time: 11:31 P.M.

Mental Graffiti 2: Lucky eh… I had a digital camera, eh. I don’t have to use “sardine’s sauce” applied  to my hair like gel as proof.

While on the road, running the suggested speed limit of 70 miles an hour, one question from my little boy kept on humming into my brain. It was the question he asked after reading the sign we left behind.

AttentionQuestion:guys, who will bring firearms, knives or weapons of any type inside Cypress Gardens Theme Park? ” Who will?

kitchen knifeWe have kitchen knife but what is the reason to bring it inside the park?

We drove along 75 North. We followed the arrow towards Valdosta. On the right that could be our Tallahassee exit if we decided to go there. But Tallahassee, Florida was not part of the plan. So we say, no to Tallahassee this time, maybe the next  time.

Wanna go to Tallahasse? That's the exit!

We were cruising along U.S. Interstate 75 and we made a pack (the MOTHER, the SON and me), not to stop until we crossed the state line.

We should stop in Valdosta, Georgia’s first Rest Area: Visitor’s Information Center.

We missed the ” Welcome To Georgia State sign but we were able to take a snapshot of this one.

dark of nightNo idea what county was that but I know, Georgia was one of the original 13 colonies of the states that revolted against British Rule in the American Revolution. Georgia’s capital is Atlanta where Civil Rights Leader was born.

Georgia Rest Area

The headline of the day when we were at the area.

headline that day

We drove two more hours and decided to find a nice cozy hotel along the way. We supposed to rest at Macon, Georgia but everyone was tired and hungry too.  After shower at our Motel, we treated ourselves with sum’tin…

dinner: steak

Steak with a glass of white wine…

somekind noodle

Sea food paremesan?


pizza for dinnerPizza…

After dinner, we went back to our hotel…


While this kid was watching his television show, we did our laundry at the hotel’s laundry room.


6 Responses to “On our way to Georgia, Atlanta”

  1. Walongbote said

    Love your longest trip.. Inikot muna ata ang mundo.. Nakakainggit ka naman. Oo nga naman cnO nga naman magdadala ng firearms dun sa l0ob? Wel cguro para sure db? Di naman masama.. Saka ibang kLase ah may mapa ang kotse nyo. Ang galing! Hehe. Now lang me kc nkakita, anu tawag dun? And the f0od was so yumMy!

  2. kainggit naman yan, at nakakaguto.. =)

    padaan lang po..

  3. wow! ganda ng trip…

    may mga pagbabago sa aking contest…basahin ng maigi para di malugi sa pag-base:


  4. regz said

    hi darbs!

    so eto pala ang mundo mo sa blogouniverse. =) sa dami ng pictures dito, sa usa ra dyud ko nasuya: pizza! (drooling)

    so mao ni akong ilink nga site darbs so i can get updated about you? =D

  5. jun-g said

    nice trip! excited ako sa bonding nyo ng kasama mo.

    sarap ng steak. merong ganito sa pinas pero ang mahal… haaay… nagutom tuloy ako.

    continue to enjoy life’s great adventure.

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