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Congratulations 2009 Influential Emerging Blogs WINNERS!

Posted by exodians on September 7, 2009


Winners of the 2009 Influential Blogs

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Winners of Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs of 2009

  1. Writing to Exhale
  2. Patay Gutom
  3. The Struggling Blogger
  4. Zorlone
  5. Father Blogger dot Com
  6. Kelvinonian Ideas 2.0
  7. Tales from the Mom Side
  8. Adaphobic
  9. Lakwatsero
  10. Let’s Go Sago!

Hear ye! hear ye!

Not long ago, while “we” were minding our own business here at the exodians blog –  having fun blogging in our small community – somebody came and said, “hear ye!, hear ye!

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Join the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2009 Writing Project






9 Responses to “Congratulations 2009 Influential Emerging Blogs WINNERS!”

  1. browny99 said

    bongga, ah, okey yan dapat talagang medyo may mga ganyang nominations para naman to inspire and motivate ika nga!

  2. darbs said

    Hi Browny99,


    We here at the EXODIANS have no doubts in OUR hearts that the winners deserved the TITLE as the “2009 Influential Emerging Blogs.

    WE ARE proud that four of our nominees won – that our vote was counted in fairness and Thankful for the said occasion – that gave us/open up new horizons to meet/engage/chat/ personalities in the blahgisper.

    Our Winners!
    1. Writing to Exhale
    3. The Struggling Blogger
    4. Zorlone
    6. Kelvinonian Ideas 2.0

    How sweet is that?

    On the process including the question of “strategy”, “definition of terms and agreement,” “RULES OF ENGAGEMENT,” “WHATEVER!”

    DID NOT MATTER FOR US because it was not OUR call… It is the organizers call;

    In line with what you said,

    okey yan dapat talagang medyo may mga ganyang nominations para naman to inspire and motivate ika nga!


    These WINNERS work their hearts out besides of course with their BLOGGING SKILLS/WRITING/FOLLOWERS/READERS/E.T.C.

    Let me plagiarize what you wrote in your blog entitled; “Learn to deflect… Don’t Absorb”

    Similarly, we must learn how to deflect verbal blast past us, instead of internalizing the negative energy.

    Deflect negative energy and ideas, don’t absorb them.Listen to a person’s thoughts, feelings, values, and beliefs, but don’t accept them as “the truth, only “their” truth. Take what makes sense but don’t accept it all.Each of us has our own perception of “truth”.

    A deflection might sound like this: “Thank you for sharing your thoughts, feelings, values and beliefs with me. I appreciate what you say; however, it is not how I see it.

    It is not easy. But you have to stand on your ground in balance with MOTHER EARTH. “The Way of Harmony”

  3. Mon said

    wow! congrats din to all the winners!

    nahan ko sa imong komento. I like that learn to deflect attitude! wheow! i learned something today. yehey! heheh 😀

  4. regz said


    i’ll go check these winning blogs later. i know lets go sago though coz he’s been featured on tv. and i love him coz he featured cebu in one of his travelogues.

    i agree with mon. we learned something useful today. sorry but i will absorb deflection. =)

  5. Walongbote said

    CoNgratz ng madami sa kanila. I’ve beEn in their blog many times,so I can say they dEserve the awards. Baguhan pa lang cla sa blogw0rld, pero they insPire a lot of blogGERs.

  6. jun-g said

    ***clap…clap…clap…*** to the winners.

    it’s always nice to read stories that are inspiring and can brighten your day.

    i’m also new here in the blogger world, but i find it so amusing when people here appreciate and affirm one another. it’s not just the feeling of belongingness but of worth.

    continue this practice of giving credits to those who really do inspire others. for sure, this will inspire them to write more.


  7. wow! thats nice! congrats to them! 🙂

  8. hala darbs! wala jud ko kaila sa mga nidaog…

    ay, naa diay..si ada…si ada ra pod…

    i will visit the rest of the winners…congrats to them…

  9. Thanks a lot, Darbs. Parang kailan lang, I almost begged you to reconsider voting for me. On second thought – okay, I begged you in so many words to consider my blog. Pinagbigyan mo ako.

    I went around, knocking on buddies and strangers doors. Nagbakasakali. Some I tried to humor. Some I tried to woo and impress. Some I stayed away from kasi it was no use. It helped it’s all conducted online. I steeled my stomach and ditched my inhibitions. If it were real life, I would have fared badly.
    If it were real life, I would not have begged you. Kasi di naman ako makakarating diyan sa US. lols

    It was fun, a little silly, but it had its uses. I gained friends, lost a few and learned to move on. And those I’ve gained I intend to keep. Not bad, eh?

    Do I feel influential now? I don’t know. It’s not something you appropriate for yourself, right? Besides,feel ko – hillbilly pa rin ako. Nothing has changed. Let me correct that – it has changed me. But I can live with that because I’ve gained valuable lessons from it.

    In the grand scheme of things, being influential should be the least of my concerns. So many nobler things to aspire for other than to constantly check your reflection in the mirror.

    But of course I’m grateful. For every little mercies and kindnesses. Thanks a lot, Darbs.

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