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On our way to Atlanta, Georgia – part 2 (Tifton to Atlanta)

Posted by darbs on September 8, 2009

We woke up the next day full of energy and followed the same routine – shower, breakfast. When everyone was ready, we started our journey, “sayonara, Tifton!” while listening to the song, “We may never pass this way again. – Seals and Crofts.”

Below is the Google’s Georgia Map. Point of reference: Tifton – Macon – Atlanta.

A. Tifton (goodnight sleep) to B. Atlanta, Georgia

Tribute to the 1996 Olympics
Atlanta, Georgia’s Park: Tribute to the 1996 Olympics

” Ah, familiar scene, way back decades ago when the world was still young in that little Barrio Siete town in Mindanao.”

logging concessionTruckload of … what? you called that logs..sizes not even close to the hundred years old trees, the logging company took from our Barrio Siete, Mindanao forests.  How huge? Just imagine, put 12 of those little ones together or more…

log truckload nearness

Disrupted mind: “My bad!” that’s all I can say but with no apology or whatsoever of the content and “words” used to describe my disgust Mikey’s interview“On our way to Atlanta – part 2 (intro) .

Updated2: “FBI asked to Investigate Mikey Arroyo“- interesting.

Scene of Atlanta’s Park: Tribute to the 1996 Olympics

reminds me This scene reminded me of Dfish’s  “Silent Stones, Speaking Stones

The sign: Welcome to Macon! that  rhymes with Bacon. For sure, on the road, familiar landmark gives you some kind of a relief –  the nearness to your destination.



Half-way baby, half way! ” Happy thoughts,” I should say, agree, as  I popped the Happy Pills, you can only get here at Play! Time by Regz –  “Today, we featured singer Jed Madela.” Who?

Source: HappyPills
Jed Madela-

Truth be told:

This is the first time I heard  the name  Jed Madela.

Yes, I heard Charice or Arnel or NATHANIEL CABANERO our own artist/songwriter but not  JED MADELA.

Who? Yes, his name is “Jed Madela!”

Photo credit: happy pills

Try YouTube will ya!

I typed his name and murmured, “I never heard your name bai Jed… but then within  second of listening with my eyes closed, the song you popularized is so familiar, which by the way, I never heard for a very long time.

As my ka bloggers usually say, now na!

“The Past” popularized by Jed Madela. . .

Question: Ung characters sa YouTube video, ano yan sila mga kornayos telenovela?

” Ayon pa sa balita ng Barrio Siete Teleshowbiz, sikat daw ang koryanovela sa the whole mundong world na ibabaw – how come I never heard nor have seen any koreanovela until now?

Sagot: “Wala ka kasing TFC!”, “Oh! I see, soweee…not my priority.”

exit to atlanta

In time, the GPS lady announced that we should stay left.  “stay left!” sabi pa, “… and follow the 475 North…” Really? “Ah, Atlanta, Georgia.!”


Sweet Atlanta!

Mihapit lang sa kaila niining dapita

Our exit to the local road
Our exit to the local road towards the place . . .


Welcome to the birth place of Martin Luther King J.R.


“It is no longer a choice my friends, between violence and nonviolence. It is either violence or nonexistence. – MLK”

But as we observed, humanity is not listening – nonexistence – that  brought us 911!

How dare them? “Whose – them?” Ah… According to Conspiracy theorists, “THEM”…”Those” who let the tragedy of September 11 to happen.

Reason: $$$$ “TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS $$$” would be spent to NONEXISTENCE – death, distraction and more hatred… CRAZY ME!

You arrive in your destination.
The GPS lady announces, “You arrive at your destination.”

Yes, we’re here.

sign post

Ebenezer Baptist. Are you kidding me?

Well, well, this reminded me of  the Good Jesuit, Bad Jesuit Blog: “Baptist’s Rely on the Theology of Jesuit Molina

Konekta dajon sa blog entry entitled,  “Molina, Luis ang Heswitic? HAH!
by darbesky.  Hesus kong maloloy-on!
Itutuloy na lamang po…
Para BANG, too much information…
Learn from DesertFishing…
Seven days na bai!
Tingog na dinha!

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