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September 11 from the eyes of the conspiracy theorists

Posted by exodians on September 10, 2009

What is the truth?

american-eagleFor sure, humans not ALIENS FROM UFO let the 911 to happen and for sure many lives were lost in that tragedy and  thousands more . . . But wait a minute… hey! who knows maybe aliens did it too! – HOLY CRAP!

And one more thing, don’t blame the 911 tragedy to Mulongoy de Kolokoy or Damasoy Wakalamoy or to the Bispoy Bol-anoy engkantados de pataranta, please BLAME IT TO HUMANS! who could build and could destroy things for whatever purpose the tragedy would bring. Hesus kong maloloy-on!

Today, we will give you the minds of the conspiracy THEORISTS.

Just a reminder, this is just a theory, nothing but a theory, SO HELP US GOD!

Note: There is already the U.S. Official 911 report that you can believe  because as we already mentioned “YOU/I/WE MORTALS COULD NOT HANDLE THE TRUTH!.” – Holy Crap!

Here are the YouTube videos from the minds of the conspiracy theorists.

Part 1

Part 2

911 Pentagon Attack, Controlled Demolition?

For your convenience we created the “Loose Change” Google Link.


2 Responses to “September 11 from the eyes of the conspiracy theorists”

  1. Bay kinsa ni si JUn-G nasaag man sa Haggy blogsite?

  2. darbs said

    Nia ang link kung gusto nimong ila-ilahon si JunG:


    Ako ang nag hatag sa link sa haggies. Tua basaha ang akong gibilin nga suwat tampo sa ilang blog.

    Hey, pasalamat ko anang mga bataa bay kay gi-share nila ang ilang life sa sulod… nga lingaw sad palandungon… maski sa pamalandong man lang. Anyway bisitahi na lang. Binotbot man og tininuod basta libri okey lang man sa akoa.

    Kinabuhing pang Heswita hangtud makab-ot ang Knighthood! HAH!

    Pamalihog lang HAGGIESVOICES. Can you please put an Avatar or Gravatar maski unsa lang basta may litrato nga makita. Kay engkanto ra pud kaayo mo oi!


    Kung sa Diosnon pa kunuhay.

    God Bless.

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