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Kanye “Bad Apple” West: Wats wrong with ya?

Posted by exodians on September 15, 2009

Heartless man: A very bad example… bad apple…tasteless and misplaced behavior. Darn it!

So here we go again, “No son, that is not how we should behave.”

“Where is the LOVE?”

On the other hand, everybody knows that Kanye is the most opinionated person in the hip hop community or shall we say in the entire HUMAN RACE.

Everybody knows that once he is on stage with a microphone, he would definitely say what’s on his mind.

Come on, everybody knows that he is a loose cannon! – that is not a secret! It is flagged, tested and proven: HELLO! HE IS KENYE WEST! tackless, poks poks moy moy maoy.

The questions are:

1. Who gave him the dishonor to be on the STAGE with MICROPHONE during the MTV Award.

2. Was that some kind of a conspiracy so he would  do his thing and inflamed the…?

Nah, crazy thoughts!.

One more…has anybody listened to his song “HEARTLESS?” By the way, he became the song…or shall we say… and the words became flesh presenting Kanye West. Beat that! Damasoy Wakalamoy!

The rest is history.

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