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Exorcism during baptism inside the church

Posted by darbs on September 26, 2009

Parody or not: Let me warn you before you watch the youtube video and before you make any conclusion – – that you cannot believe anything you see/read/watch in the Internet.

Your truth might not be my truth because from my point of view this youtube video could not be a  “priest fight” but  an exorcism during baptism.

You might disagree with me but what if it is true so I will save myself from being scandalized by the action of this “holy man.”

Here is another scenario:

What if that priest represents  the ispirilitsugas and/or the rectoris during the seminary days? What if… Yah, right… “Few are chosen, indeed!”

Next Youtube Video…

Na over ba kaha or expression of their faith: Here comes the “Holy Ghost Explosion.”

In this next video, I found a number that reminds me of yester years.

Ispirilitsugas 87: the Numb3r is everywhere

Ispirilitsugas 87: the Numb3r is everywhere

Warning gikan kang ispirilitsugas: Palihog ayawg katawa o pahiyom man lang. Pero ang maingon ko lang… “Hesus kong maloloy-on!” naunsa na man intawon…

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