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Since when a “Gay/Lesbian/Transgender” Political Party is banned in political arena for immorality?

Posted by darbs on November 13, 2009

I almost lost my consciousness when I heard the news that the “immorals of the immorals” known to me as the Philippine Comelec – who made the mockeries and pooped the sanctity of ballot boxes, (hello Garci! one of their heinous crimes), had disqualified a Gay/Lesbian/Transgender Political Party  for the reason of IMMORALITY. Wahahahahah!


Hey, Philippine COMELEC  MORAL WANNABE, the Judge and Executioneer, na nag-allow noong nakaraang eleksyon na  kahit patay nakarehistro; nakakaboto not once but many times; higit sa lahat nagkakapera din pala – now that you ordained your institition to be the EXPERTS OF MORALITY, and you really want TO PICK whose IMMORAL?

Suggestion! – Please  find Padre Damasoy Wakalamoy (playing around este playing below the belts of his tikboys dayon kapot sa ostias, in front sa registered voters…) and tell  him about your brand of immorality…darn arsers!

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