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WordCamp 2009 one weekend: The highlights as I see fit

Posted by darbs on November 17, 2009


On behalf of my fellow Filipino WordPress Users all over the world I, (Darbs) unofficially represented my PinoyWordpressBloggers, (In the spirit of social climbing: Keeping the social climbing alive, Sayonara Anoymous Commenters! ) FOR THE WEEKEND WORDCAMP NYC  2009.

That is right! – I voluntarily, silly-ly and anonymously without any illusion of anonymity (because without a doubt, BIG BROTHERS know me by heart: HELLO VIDEO CAMERAS wherever I go! -there you go!)  represented those who are listed in my BLOGROLL  and who are using WordPress.com free hosting and/or WordPress CMS applications downloaded/uploaded/installed/configured in their webservers.

The List::

A. wordpress.com users: DesertFishing, utoysaves, bluroseblueguyAntiArti, Batman08lo, Browny99, MabulaklakNaDila, Coolwaterworks, Daarbzz, DiariesofMiel, Fr.Fel-SVDhisnameisdencios, Haggies: Sa walay pabor-pabor, bloggerJorge, Kaye, Lhen8, Mr. Nonsense, PinkD, PartofYou, DareToSpeak, Superlolongpinoy, FVDB, Winkie’s World, jun-g.com

Featured WordPress Website: Harvard Gazzette! – Harvard Gazette is a GENUINE WORDPRESS CMS Apps powered WEBSITE! Cool ha!


Visit Harvard Gazette Online

B. Worpress Doktomistas: Awfullworld (aww!-sori about dat) Awefullworld Barrio Siete, Writing To Exhale, Pinoy Sounding Board, Off Top of My Head, Mahalia’s Chocolate.Net, BluePanjeetJangiri.us, Painuminmoko, Reyna Elena, Adaphobic, jun-g.com

The Letter: Dear Fellow WordPress Users. Here are some of the highlights from the WordCamp NYC 2009 in one Sunday afternoon weekend sessions at Mason Hall (17 Lexington ave and 23rd Street).

1. I got my share of  WordCamp NYC WNYC shirt (long sleeves)

2. A Picture taking with Matt Mullenweg. Matt Who?

Matt Mullenweg's Avatar

Matt is the founding developer of WordPress, the open source blogging software that runs millions of sites around the world. In 2005, he started Automattic, the company behind WordPress.com, Akismet, Gravatar, bbPress, IntenseDebate, and BuddyPress. Source: Meet the WordCamp Speakers

One picture with Matt, that’s all I got. Thank you bro!

Note: I’d also seen some famous personalities of automattic but “chickened out” to ask for their  autograph. I could only wish I had the “HEART” OF A PAPPARAZZI!

3. Exciting moment for the ordinary wordpress user like me!  – The Manage Theme as we know it, will soon be history!


The Theme As We Know It!

Watch out  for the Elastic! – – Where in the near future, we will design our own word press theme by the power of DRAG AND DROP and CLICK! HOWAAA!

Please give thanks to Mr. Daryl Koopersmith!

Daryl Koopersmith

Daryl Koopersmith's Avatar

Daryl is a junior majoring in Computer Science at Washington University in St. Louis. He created the Elastic theme framework and a WYSIWYG theme editor plugin as his student project with WordPress for Google Summer of Code 2009. Source: Meet the Speakers

With all our combined THOUGHTS – – FOCUSED IN ONE DIRECTION – ONE TARGET IN MIND -(call it prayer/whatever) – In one strong FORCE, WE ARE Calling all the DEVELOPERS TO PLEASE HELP OUT Daryl’s project! – CHARGE TO THE SPIRIT OF THE OPEN SOURCE MOVEMENT!

Hey Developers! – HE NEEDS YOUR HELP!




The Elastic Project FOR THE GOOD OF ALL!

16 Responses to “WordCamp 2009 one weekend: The highlights as I see fit”

  1. bluep said

    walanjo pareng darbs, naingit ako sayo. That’s one of my goal… to attend such wordcamp in the US…

    padala ka naman ng TSHIRT haha

    anyway congrats. Mag dotcom ka na!

  2. lhen8 said

    waaah oo nga darbz kainggit kana nman ang ganda ng T-SHIRT at black pa ang color “i love it!!!”

    tama si Bluep mag dot.com kana

  3. Winkie said

    wow, this is really something ah! and you were able to meet the people behind WP. how cool can you get?

    ang ganda ng shirt! kakainggit!!! 🙂

  4. AC said

    Huwawwwww!!! inggit ako hehehee.

    Thank you sa pagsama sa kin dito, though kulang ng “e” yung awefullworld mo, naging awfullworld. hehehe.

    Godspeed! 🙂

  5. wordcamp-phil.2008 said

    Wordcamp organized by MINDANAON!


  6. hisnameisdencios said

    cool boss darbs. ang alam ko before coming in dubai nagkaron nyan sa pinas. i know someone who participated before. exciting nga daw at very informative ang mga ganyan. inggit ako 😀

  7. wow!nakaka envy ka naman,i hope someday aku din.. 🙂

    Good luck sa mga susunud! 🙂

  8. wow! gusto ko rin ung tshirt!!!! penge naman. regards sa ating bosing na si matt…

  9. lee said

    alahoy alahoooooy, applause, pasalubungan ng masigabong palakpakan.
    sus mga ginang at ginuo, abay kahanga hangang talaga iyan pareng darbs,abay akoy nagagalak at proud na proud sa iyong naging partisipasyon ng araw na yun,naway makadami ka pa ng mga tshirt este ng mga ganyang okasyon sa mga darating na panahon at makadaupang palad at maka bungguang siko ng may siko ng mga sikat na tao.

  10. kaye said

    haha! ako din lilinya sa shirt!

    hi five! congggggrachuleyshens!

  11. Wow…clap clap clap…Congrats Darbs! Salamat at nakasama ako sa inyong mundo…para na rin akong nakasama sa WordCAmpNYC.

  12. ang galing naman darbs….ang ganda naman ng naging experience mo dyan…sana ako din….wish…wish…wish…..

  13. alkapon said

    Pareng Darbs,
    pagsapit na ang uang araw ng desyembre ko ipost yung carolling vider mo, naiisip ko kasi magandang pambungad sa buwan ng kapaskuhan.

  14. Ahh, thanks for representing me, too, Darbs! Much appreciated. Sounds like everyone had a great time. I’m going to have to try to make it to one of these WordCamp events, one of these days.

  15. browny99 said

    pa base pa rin kahit late, ay naku kaswerte mo naman ay! buti naman at you represent us…naks naman.kainggit!

  16. Wow, cool tshirt. Buti ka pa na-meet mo na si Pareng Matt. Ahehehe.

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