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Ibong Malaya (Free Bird) another youtube entry

Posted by darbs on November 18, 2009

In the early year of 2000, I had the opportunity to teach somebody close to my heart a song from the past entitled ” Ibong Malaya” and recorded it using “Audacity® – a free, open source software for recording and editing sounds. – audacity.com”.

I then shared the recorded song to a former classmate in high school around 2006. And gladly, I did it because in 2009, when I needed the song to be part of my “saw-saw de youtube de salawasaw: Iho de Mungking, pabaga de kapal muks”, I could no longer find the file, and HOWAA! – my former classmate “saves” the day. The file has been kept through all these years. WOW! – Thank you very much! – You know who you are.

IBONG MALAYA (Free Bird): The song was composed by a political prisoner in IPIL Rehabilitation Center, Fort Bonifacio Philippines in 1974. I have no clue of the composer’s identity, except he/she was a political prisoner. “Ibong Malaya” or “Free Bird” has been one of my favorite songs during the time when the world was still young.

In line with this blog entry, I would like to acknowledge DesertFishing’s blog entry entitled, “Learning Guitars, Listening to the Greats”. Ah! – Starry Starry Night –  of course with Don McLean’s “Vincent” in mind at the exact moment, when I left my comment. Mind you! – A coincidence? yes, just in time when somebody I know –  after hours and hours of practice-  could now finally play the tune not as good as Bach though but good enough for listening. Just wait for the right moment when it will be published in youtube… pramis!

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