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Ampatuan Massacre: The image I should not be publishing (updated)

Posted by darbs on November 24, 2009

(Title changed to “Ampatuan Massacre” from “Maguindanao Massacre” as suggested by MindaNews’ article: “Ampatuan Massacre” or “Maguindanao Massacre?” dated Nov. 30, 2009)

My apology if you find the image gruesome but it is just a glimpse of the after effect; the result of heinous crime of political violence perpetrated by the people with years and years of practice in the art of killing/murdering/assassinating people with impunity. These group of people/these individuals thought that they could do whatever they want in that part of the country and eventually get away with it . The massacre of 46 57 67 people is the highlight  of years and years of  pampering. Here is their master piece. The next question is, WILL JUSTICE BE SERVED?

The image was taken from ellen tordisillas: making life worth living. You can also follow the rest of the story at MindaNews.com.

screenshot: mindanews

GENERAL SANTOS CITY (MindaNews/24 November) – Police and military search and retrieval teams recovered Tuesday afternoon at least 24 more bodies of the victims of the Monday morning massacre in Ampatuan town in Maguindanao, bringing the number of casualties in what was described as the worst pre-election violence in the country to 46. (source: mindanews)

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  1. My God, Darbs. I’ve been reading about this, and I don’t know what to say. This is beyond horrible.

    • darbs said

      @Holly. Familiar with the “Law of the Jungle”? That’s how I could describe the way of life in that part of the country.

      Just imagine… How could anybody think that by killing 57 human beings and then hide their bodies including their vehicles will go unnoticed?

      • The more I see and hear of this, the more incomprehensible it seems. But clearly, the perpetrators believe themselves to be so powerful that they think they’re beyond reach of the law – or that they ARE the law. I don’t think they ever intended to go “unnoticed.” Killing, raping, beheading, and putting 57 people and cars in a hole in the ground – in front of witnesses – is not “hiding a crime.” It’s saying they think these people are less than trash, and that they can get by with it. It’s terrorism, in my opinion.

        • boy kantot said

          yang si ampatuan na yan tuta ni putang inang gloria yan…ang tutuo si gloria ang nag-papatay dun sa mga mangundadatu at mga tiga-suporta nila..tignan nyo makakatakas,mapapalaya.papatakasin o papalayain yan..gagawi yun ni gloria kasi meron syang utang na loob kila ampatuan kasi isa si ampatuan sa nang daya noong huling eleksyon..MGA PUTANG INA NILA WALA SILANG PUSO MGA DIMONYO SILA LALUNG LALO NA SI GLORIA AT MGA AMPATUAN KASAMA NA MGA CABINET MEMBER NI GLORIA…

          • boy tira said

            Mga putang ina nyp lalo ka na nunalida at amputite mga gago kau sana mamatay na mga kamag-anak nyo at sana mabigyan kayo ng pugot ulo tinira ni Ampatuan si Gloria sa nunalism

      • darbs said

        The suspects of the massacre by the way are described by qatarliving.com as “The Untouchables”

        Source: http://www.qatarliving.com/node/820548

        • Palufok said

          Untouchabless??/ sana multohn sila ng mga pinatay nila. Sa tingin ko hindi lang 57 ang nakalibing sa lugar na yun. Pati na rin ang mga pinagpapatay nila noon nandoon din yon. Perfect ang pagkakapatay at kung di lang napagbigay alam ng asawa ni V-mayor Mangudadatu. Siguro hanggang ngaun ay pinaghahanap parin ang57 katao na un. Paano kung nasementohan na pala yun tapos naging basketball court.?

    • darbs said

      @Holly. Of course, it is terrorism. These are the pampered/legalized terrorists. The perpetrators should be charged genocide. But again the Philippine government has its own definition of terrorism and who the terrorists are.

      In fact, the suspect was telling everyone that he did not do it. He mentioned something like, “The MILF (muslim separatists rebels) did it. We all know they are the terrorists!”

      We did not do it! The MILF did it! They are the terrorists!

      Here is the new update from GMA News.TV.

      Guess what, and look what they found in the terrorists territory…

      Guns, explosives, ammo unearthed near Ampatuan mansion

      Government troops have unearthed a big weapons cache of light artillery and heavy infantry weapons, including commando weapons, explosives, ammunition, and military uniforms from a vacant lot near the mansion of the Maguindanao-based Ampatuan clan in Shariff Aguak, the provincial capitol. (source: gma.news.tv)

  2. sad. sad. sad talaga. very inhuman!!!

  3. Dorm Boy said

    Hindi ko rin masikmura ang ginawa sa mga biktima. Rape, massacre, beheadings… May the souls of the victims be rest in peace and find justice.

    • darbs said

      Hindi masisikmura ngunit nasisikmura nilang paglalapastangin ang kapwa tao.

      A prayer from Dfish of DesertFishing:

      This may not be the most compassionate prayer one could pray.

      Psalm 69:

      Make their own table a snare for them,

      a trap for their friends.

      Make their eyes so dim they cannot see;

      keep their backs ever feeble.

      Pour out Your wrath upon them;

      let the fury of your anger overtake them.

      Make their camp desolate,

      with none to dwell in their tents.

      Signum Crusis.

      source: desertfishing

  4. Randy Ford said

    This has been going on way too long…since at least 1968 and another massacre on Corregidor. When will the killing end? Killing only leads to more killing.

    • darbs said

      @Randy Ford, thank you for your thoughts. You are right, “Killing only leads to more killing..”

      I would like to share with you a commentary by Francisco Lara Jr. (mindanews.com) entitled “COMMENTARY: The Ruthless Political Entrepreneurs of Muslim Mindanao, By Francisco Lara Jr. ”

      LONDON (MindaNews/26 Nov) — The Maguindanao massacre predicts the eruption of wider violence and conflict as the nation heads towards the 2010 elections. Yet to dismiss this incident as “election-related” is to miss the fundamental political and economic implications of this evil deed. The massacre is rooted in the shift in politico-economic sources of violence and conflict in Muslim Mindanao. It signifies the emergence of new-type warlords whose powers depend upon their control of a vast illegal and shadow economy and an ever-growing slice of internal revenue allotments (IRA). Both factors induce a violent addiction to political office.

      Please read the rest of the entry here:


  5. Sobra…Grabe…sakto yung words mo Darbs:

    —“years and years of pampering”

    Sana lang maipakita ng gobyerno na may hustisya pang natitira sa atin.

    • darbs said

      Sana lang maipakita ng gobyerno na may hustisya pang natitira sa atin

      Sana nga Superlo. Sana nga.

      On the other hand, ang tanong…Why are we hoping? Why are we not confident that justice will be served? Why are we doubtful of the inhabitants running the country? Why everyone I spoke are much more confident of the “Hustisyang whitewash” sa lupang sinilangan? Why are they thinking that the perpetrators will get away with murder?

      Why not…

      Balita ko nag-hire ang suspek ng at least 40 lawyers.

      Update from Mindanews:

      Sunday, 29 November 2009
      ARMM gov appeals to Malacanang, media: be fair

      Image from the article:

      Quote from the article:

      Kelly Delgado, secretary-general of Karapatan, a human rights group based in Davao City, said, “The brutal crime committed by a private army of a warlord in one of the election hotspots in the country is proof of the ‘barbaric impunity’ by which the perpetrators can kill and even try to hide the crime as if no law can be applied to prevent them from committing such a brutal act in a broad daylight.”

      Source: http://www.mindanews.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=7296&Itemid=50

    • darbs said

      @Father Fel. ipaskil nako dinhi ang imong suggested alternative.

      Kay sa tinuod lang kung makita ni nimo sila, dili nimo puedi tan-awon ug dugay.

      mora gani ug gatan-aw ka ug adlaw. pinalabay lang ang tan-aw kung makita ni nimo sila. kay kung dugayon nimo ug tan-aw ining mga tawhana? ang next nga pangutana…

      “what are looking at?” Okey lang kung pangutana lang… what if sagpaon kag 45 bag-o pangutan-on…

    • darbs said

      @Fr.Fel. Walay sapayan Padz.

      Question kay curious lang. unsa usually nga newspapers ang moabot sa imong lugar Padz? Local newspaper or ang national newspapers like inquirer, manila times, malaya e.t.c.

      ah-mora man ug ga-survey. bitaw padz, just asking.

      ang sadness Padz dulot giod kaayo. apil na dinhi ang panlimbawot sa balahibo especially kung mabasa nimo ang mga pangalan sa mga biktima, lugar sa mga biktima, trabaho ug labi na giod nga kining tanan duol sa kasingkasing.

      I mean expected man giod ug dili uncommon nga may patay, dunggabanay, pinusilay patay isa, duha or sometimes tulo and most of the times makalayas ang salaud. Pero not as big as this one. . . unimaginable but not anymore.

  6. Just because of the upcoming election for 2010 nagpapatayan, pag election talaga marami nagpapatayan. Maguindanao Massacre is too much. as in NO MERCY even the woman who’s pregnant hindi pinaligtas. Hope their souls rest in peace and give justice as much as possible. ALl over the world Maguindanao Massacre is the headline of the news.

    • darbs said

      Maguindanao Massacre is too much. as in NO MERCY even the woman who’s pregnant hindi pinaligtas.

      Silang may mga baril.
      Silang may perang mula sa kaban ng bayan.

      Silang feeling diyos-diyosan.
      Silang feeling sikat.

      Silang above the law.
      Silang walang takot.

      Silang ma-impluwensya.
      Silang may control sa lalawigan ng Maguindanao.

      Silang kinatatakutan…
      Silang sakim at gahaman ng kapangyarihan

      What do you expect?

      But they are now exposed… EXPOSED TO THE BONES!

      ALl over the world Maguindanao Massacre is the headline of the news.

      In addition, try googling ampatuan massacre…

      By the way, hindi pa pala nagpakitang gilas ung mga warlords ng Lanao del Sur… HELLO MARAWI!

  7. HOW ABSURD!!!Those corrupt officials and hoodlums are in fact merrymaking right now, for they have won. Yes, they won,..but in the eyes of the Divine Lord, they are nothing but dust. will justice be served, i do hope so. this is a clear demonstration of how dirty and humiliating the political status in the Philippines is…

    • darbs said

      Hi Ken, yes it is. Matagal na yan. Walang pinagbago…

      How dirty and humiliating the political status in the Philippines? Here is how they poop the democratic process… “HELLO GARCI! sa kakapal-kapalang “walang problema ang boto galing sa Maguindanao, maam! 100 percent po sa atin, zero ang sa kalaban.”

      Give thanks to the cold-blooded warlords. If they could kill, maimed, masaker human beings do you expect them to follow honest and fair election? They will deliver you the votes you needed.

  8. lee said

    Dios na ang bahala sa kanila dahil sya lang naman ang nakakaalam ng totoo at sya lang ang pwedeng magbigay ng justice dahil sya lang ang tumitingin sating lahat ng pantay pantay at walang bata bata.

    • darbs said

      Amen to that Mam Lee.

      Ang tanong ko minsan, are we not created through the image and likeness of God?

      May kasabihan pa nga, “Whatsoever you do to the least of my brother/sister you do it to me…”

  9. airen galaura said

    hindi man lang cla na awa….. wla na tlagang mga utang nalo-ob……… bkit nilang patayin…kon pwde lang sanang takotin???
    dahil sa elecsyon naging dogo-an ang laban sa maguindanao

    • dave said

      sanay mahatulan ng kamatayan ang sino mang involve sa massacre.. [deleted]

      Note: Sori Dave I have to delete the profanity and the other word you used. It won’t help. In fact, if we allowed such use of words we are no different from these barbarians. Konting sibil lang. Thank you for your understanding. – darbs

    • darbs said

      bkit nilang patayin…kon pwde lang sanang takotin???

      Parang hindi kasi ganyan sa reality. especially kung powerful ka. demigod kumbaga. diyos sa lugar ninyo. mapera. nasa bulsa pati hustisya. kung gusto mong kakatakutan ka… there is no other choice but do what the November 23, 2009 barbarians did.

      Kumbaga, sinabi nang may mangyayari sa inyo pag mag-register kayo ng inyong candidacy.
      May babala na na please hwag.

      What did they do?

      Oi! ginawa pa rin!
      May media pang kasama!
      May lawyers pa man din!
      May mga babae!

      You defied, ang babala ng diyos dito sa lupa!
      You defied ang diyos ng Maguindanao…


      Resulting: http://www.gmanews.tv/story/177821/the-ampatuan-massacre-a-map-and-timeline

      – The first two graves are 10 to 12 feet deep, while the third is about five feet deep.

      All in all, 35 victims are found buried in the three graves, while 22 are found lying on the ground or inside vehicles, for a total of 57 fatalities. There are still three to four unidentified bodies, and at least four missing.

      Contrary to the initial reports released by the Mangudadatu family, none of the retrieved bodies were beheaded and there were no signs of rape, although tests were still being conducted to determine the latter. At least some of the victims were shot in the genital area. Others were mutilated. Many were shot in the face, rendering them virtually unrecognizable.

  10. darbs said

    Let the intimidation begins!

    Of course, it is expected. This is what they do best.

    In the meantime, local news organizations where the victims are connected claimed that some reporters are being restricted and threatened if they continue to cover the incident.

    source: http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/282683

  11. bonz said

    I’m sick of this country..sana international community na lang ang humatol, hindi makatao!!! lalapit lang kasi ang pinangyarihan ng massacre dito sa amin, starte dw kuno kami….ang bagal umusad ng kaso, tingnan nyo after a month wala pa rin yan…

    • darbs said

      Guess what? Mukhang lumayas na rin ata sa Cotabato Area ung mga U.N. experts na tutulong para makapag-ipon-ipon ng ebedensya laban sa mga perptetrators. Bumalik na atang Manila dahil sa sobrang takot. Anak ng tinapa. Mukhang tama ata si Jimg29. I did not see this coming.

      Saturday, 05 December 2009
      Forensic experts fly back to Manila

      by Froilan Gallardo/MindaNews
      Friday, 04 December 2009 05:08

      COTABATO CITY (MindaNews/03 December) — The two Peruvian forensic expert who have been working on the massacfre site in Ampatuan, Maguindanao, flew back to Manila Thursday due to security reasons. read the rest here

      • darbs said

        I thought, Martial Law is in effect in Maguindanao?
        How come the U.N. experts stopped their operations and seemed scared ? (due to security reasons) Just doesn’t make sense at all, only in the Pilipins.

  12. darbs said

    @Bonz. I remembered the feelings in those times when I traveled from Cotabato to Gen.San. The highway I am referring, is the red line. I don’t know if it was just me but at that time, I felt the anxiety traveling this road – – expecting bad things to happen. I could only breath freely when we hit Esperanza.

    We all knew the countless stories in this “road to perdition”.

    Familiar saying in that part of the world, “pa-swerti-swerti lang” kung ikaw ang ma-swertihan sensya na lang. Charge to experience ka na lang.

    I even believe at that time na the safest time to travel ung katatapos lang na may incident at balitang may i-nambush/hijacked/road robbery na nangyari.

    Ang pinaka-masama kung ang target ng assassination ay nakasama mo sa bus/jeepney/vehicle.

    Yap, i totally understand your pessimism. What is new?

    • bonz said

      your right bay Darbs, no words can describe.”that place is hell”..,a killing field, but we have no choice because that is the only way to go to cotabato city and with few buses. i know hindi lang yan ang gravesite there. there are a lot more undiscovered. Kung nagging dilikado noon bay Darbs it is worst now. I usually travelled Isulan-COtabato and I could only sigh kapag nakalampas na ako…Malas talaga, i am supposed to travel sana Darbs for COtabato dahil NDAS homecoming natin!!
      I think religion has nothing to do with this barbarism as many would think.(ginagawa pa nilang props ang pangalan ni Allah); This is about political bulshit!!! What i am actually afraid of is the outcome of this case. We know so well the justice system of this country malakas masyado laglag naman tayo nito. I just can’t reconcile bakit ina allow ng government natin na bumuo kasi ang mga politicians (that place) to build private armies.
      Anyway the damage has been done!!! Congratulations to GMA’s legacy>……

  13. jimg29 said

    At the latest ay may fact finding committee from UN spearheaded by a Peruvian forensic expert na siyang nakapaglatag ng hustisya laban kay President Fujimori. But I’m still very much pessimistic to these so called investigations. As long as GMA rules, nothing could be brought to justice. Not even when they brought back death penalty. These monsters are beyond evil. They dont fear anything. Heads must roll including GMA. She should be impeached for pampering these warlord clans.

    Poor poor, Philippines!

    To this day, I’m still dumbfounded.

    • darbs said

      @Jimg29. salamat naman at napadaaan ka. Pessimism about investigation? You are not alone. Remember noong early months of 2007?

      Do you remember Philip Alston ng United Nation? Alam mo ba kung anong reaksyon ng kinauukulan? pinagtatawanan lang ang report. Not exactly pero ganoon ang pagka describe ko sa nakuhang blita after pinalabas ang report about extra judicial killings sa Pinas.

      Ito si Philip Alston.

      Philip Alston, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions arrived in the Philippines on Monday, February 12th for a ten-day official visit. His purpose is to submit to the U.N. Human Rights Council a report analysing the compliance by the Philippines with international law in the area of the right to life and making recommendations to more effectively prevent violations. On the final day of his visit he issued the following press statement.

      Part of the statement:

      Manila, 21 February 2007

      “I have spent the past ten days in the Philippines at the invitation of the Government in order to inquire into the phenomenon of extrajudicial executions. I am very grateful to the Government for the unqualified cooperation extended to me. During my stay here I have met with virtually all of the relevant senior officials of Government. They include the President, the Executive Secretary, the National Security Adviser, the Secretaries for Defence, Justice, DILG [2] and the Peace Process. I have also met with a significant number of members of Congress on different sides of the political spectrum, the Chief Justice, the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), the Chair of the Human Rights Commission, the Ombudsman, the members of both sides of the Joint Monitoring Committee, and representatives of the MNLF [3] and MILF. [4] Of particular relevance to my specific concerns, I also met with Task Force Usig and with the Melo Commission, [5] and I have received the complete dossier compiled by TF Usig, [6] as well as the report of the Melo Commission, and the responses to its findings by the AFP and by retired Maj-Gen Palparan. I have also visited Baguio and Davao and met with the regional Human Rights Commission offices, local PNP [7] and AFP commanders, and the Mayor of Davao, among others.” source:http://cpcabrisbane.org/Kasama/2007/V21n1/PhilipAlston.htm

    • darbs said

      @Jimg29. In relation to your update regarding the Peruvian expert. Ang reaction ng expert was “It’s like Rwanda” daw.


      Here is part of Mam Ellen’s blog entry.

      It’s like Rwanda’: UN expert on Maguindanao massacre by Romel Regalado Bagares

      COTABATO CITY.–Peruvian forensic anthropologist Dr. Jose Pablo Baraybar didn’t like what he saw when he visited for the first time Sunday the massacre site in Barangay Salman, Ampatuan town.

      It reminded me of something—it’s just like Rwanda,” said Dr. Baraybar after spending a few hours in the area in the company of Commission on Human Rights Chair Leila M. De Lima, British forensic investigator Chris Cobb Smith and lawyers from the Center for International Law (Centerlaw).

      Baraybar said the “topography of the crime” in Ampatuan town is eerily similar to that he had found as a United Nations expert serving in the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda.
      Source: http://www.ellentordesillas.com/?p=8531

  14. darbs said

    Here is another blog entry, entitled, “THE HEIGHT OF IRRATIONALITY – The Maguindanao massacre”, – – somehow helped me understand what went on to the perpetrators’s coconut shells on the November 23, 2009 massacre… subjective maybe but good enough for my taste.

    Screenshot: http://quierosaber.wordpress.com/2009/11/26/the-height-of-irrationality-the-maguindanao-massacre/

  15. Silver said


    Balita ko e takot sa multo ang allegedly nagpasimuno daw nyan.


    • darbs said

      @Silver.Thanks sa iyong balita. Binasa ko kaagad ung link. Mukha ngang parang na stress out talaga sa mga multo. pinagmultuhan na talaga siguro.

      Ito naman yung sa philstar na screenshot.

      Source: http://www.philstar.com/Article.aspx?articleId=528112&publicationSubCategoryId=68

      Baka ma-kontak natin ang illustrator ng barrio sieteng si Mr. Nonsense. Baka puedi syang gumawa ng kanyang version at lagyan ng caption.

      • Silver said

        Hahahhaha…yeah darbs. I’ll try to let Mr. Nonsense know ng balitang ito. Baka matipuhang gumawa ng sketch about this.

        In fairness, I would want SADAKO and JU-ON to haunt that guy. Tingnan ko kung hanggang saan ang tigas ng tuhod nya. Baka malukresya siya ng wala sa oras.

      • nakatawa ko pagkabasa nako sa news nga hadlokan man diay ning tawhana ug ghosts. lol.

        sige, kontakin na si daddy nonsense.

      • darbs said

        @Fr. Fel. Naka-smile pud baya ko bisan ug huot ang kasingkasing. Morag hadlok ni sya ug multo kay kabalo man sya nga dili niya mapatay ang multo. And most of all, wala pud syay pusil nga iyang pabuthon aron ipanghadlok sa mga multo.

        Kung tua pa na didto sa ilaha kung naay multo kay daghan ug pusil, paarak na unta dayon dala na singgit singgit tungang gabii para hadlukon ang mga multo. Dinha kay na-preso man, hangtud na lang lukob sa iyang habol.

    • darbs said

      @Silver. Sana makagawa si Mr. Nonsense ng kanyang version. Last na nabasa ko doon sa haws nya, ito ang nabanggit nya tungkol sa masaker.

      ay naku! para talagang nakakawalang ganang mag-blog dahil sa lecheng massacre sa maguindanao na ito…-Mr. Nonsense

      Para malaman ng ating mambabasa kung sino si Sadako at Si Ju-on.

      I would want SADAKO and JU-ON to haunt that guy. Tingnan ko kung hanggang saan ang tigas ng tuhod nya. Baka malukresya siya ng wala sa oras.

      Google result pala ni Sadako at ni Ju-on dahil sa totoo parang kilala ko si Sadako pero hindi ko kilala si Ju-on.

      Si Sadako ang babae at ung bata naman ay si Ju-on.

      Source: google image result.

  16. Mr. Nonsense said

    I almost threw up when i read the news. hindi ako makatulog dahil hindi ako talaga makapaniwalang tao ang may kagagawan nito….let alone mga pinoy!

    there are a lot going on in the world that i find comical and cartoonish…kaya madaling gumawa.

    as far as this incident, there is nothing funny about it. it is too uncomfortable for me to express such dark feelings…

  17. darbs said

    @Mr. Nonsense. I feel you. The only thing is from my perspective your sketches have the essence of seriousness. I did not realize that behind its seriousness lies the artist’s expression/perspective different from mine which I am convinced that needs to be respected. After all you are the creator. Thanks for pointing it out.

  18. Mr. Nonsense said

    so after responding to ur comments, i decided to break the silence and resolve whatever it is i’m feeling by drawing it. haha…see my post.

    btw, i find the images disturbing because of the brutality. i also find it somewhat disrespectful to the victims and their families. para ba ang dating ay statistics at journalism material lang sila….di ba dapat private tong mga to. siguro, tong mga images na ito ay best kung itago na lang sa mga kabataan—-lalo na kung related sila sa mga namatay 😦

  19. darbs said

    @Mr. Nonsense. I could not disagree. You are absolutely right. I think there was a debate after 911 about what images to publish and not to publish.

    From there I also asked myself what to? The way I see it, I followed what my stomach could take. After all, I will be the one looking the images for the rest of my blogging days.

    so after responding to ur comments, i decided to break the silence and resolve whatever it is i’m feeling by drawing it.

    I knew it!

    I knew, you could create something… something that is not “cartoonish” as you described but earnest the way i see all of your sketches. Breaking your silence created something as expected! Thanks…

    Source: http://jesuspaez74.wordpress.com/2009/11/30/put-your-own-caption-maguindanao-massacre/

  20. jimmy sema said

    ampatuan massacre can lead to another findings:

    that warlordism, druglordism and feudalism are brothers and allies.

    ampatuan politics is more than nepotism

    ampatuan wealth is from drugs and gunrunning.

    watch out the latest!

    a simba tank,
    arsenal for batallions,
    armor cars,
    american latest guns…

    these came not from nowhere nor from no one!

    • darbs said

      @Jimmy Sima. Mukhang may ebedensya yata ung armaments na nabanggit mo.

      Ayon pa sa inquirer.net “Gov’t arms, ammo found in Ampatuan Homes”

      May nakapagbigay daw ng tip mula sa mga concerned citizens na may ibinaong arsenal malapit lang sa bahay nung suspek na nagpasimuno ng kademonyohan at ka-terorismong-terorismohan.

      Ayon pa sa inquirer;

      “Ampatuans’ mansions yield buried armory”

      Ito pala ang article mula sa inquirer.net:

      MANILA, Philippines – The military expressed surprise at how powerful weapons and thousands of bullets supposed to be kept in the government armory ended up virtually in the backyard of the Ampatuan clan.

      Source: http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/inquirerheadlines/nation/view/20091205-240199/Govt-arms-ammo-found-in-Ampatuan-homes

  21. dante macabangen said

    nagsisi na sila

    di na tulad ng dating ngiti

    subalit kelan bang ang pagsisi ay matatanggap.

    nagkulang yata ng pangaral ang mga abugado ni Andal.

    Dibat napapalibutan sya ng isang atty sampulna, atty. mastura, atty. guiani, atty. kasim, atty sambolawan?

    now may 40 lawyers pa…

    atty. fortun got his client estrada jailed for life…
    There is no fortune at all.

    But Andal hired him and the later gave in for fame and for money Im sure.

    • darbs said

      @Dante. Naubos na nga ang ngiti dahil dito na nila nararamdaman ang kanilang vulnerability. Ganyan ang nararamdaman ng mga taong napakataas ng lipad tapos biglang bumagsak.

      Well, sana bago nila ginawa ung karumal dumal na pag masaker, kung sila man ang may kagagawan dahil ang mga suspeks ay dapat inosente until proven guilty, kung nanghingi sana sila ng advise doon sa mga lawyers baka wala tayo ngayon dito.

      After effect, dahil hindi nakinig doon sa magagaling nilang lawyers, nakakatulong din ngayon ang mga lawyers. Na ayon pa sa mindanews report ay ganito kakasuhan ngayon ung mga gov’t forces of illegal detention;

      “Ampatuans accuse gov’t forces of illegal detention; file writ of amparo” source: mindanews

      At least, may konting hope na justice will be served…balita na arestado na rin ang hari ng kanilang lahi. Ito naman ang report ng inquirer.net. na sabi pa.


      Maguindanao governor arrested

      Philippine Daily Inquirer
      First Posted 06:46:00 12/05/2009

      DAVAO CITY — Maguindanao Governor Andal Ampatuan Sr. was arrested by government troops on Saturday dawn, hours after Martial Law took effect in the province. (inquirer.net)

    • omvic said

      hustisya para sa mga namatay sa maguindanO!!!!

  22. tuaa said

    iisa lng po ang dapat ssihin jan ;’si gloria arroyo napakabulok na president. alam lng nia magpacute eh nd nmn po cia cute’;;’kayang kaya cia maisahan ng mga ampatuan;’;’tingnan hanggang ngaun wla cia ginawa action”;pero magaling cia mang agaw ng pwesto”;naagaw nia ky erap ang pagka president;’;ang galing ano’;’;pero e2ong patayan s maguindanao wla ciang magawa”;kc mas magaling si ampatuan;”;pumatay kasi my ksama nia si gloria s mga planong e2′; tanga lng ang mnniwala n nd alam yan ni gloria”;’;’;gloria nd kmi tanga’;;’parehas lng tau kumakain ng kanin’;;’

  23. kikuno said

    hayop ka demonio ka..kht estudyante lang kme .. grbe yung gnawa mo !!!!! di ka tao hayop ka !!!!!!!

  24. omvic said

    tao tayo hindi tayo hayop!

  25. Dizeaze said

    tang ina mo mga Ampatuan, naniniwala talaga ako na mas masahol pa minsan ang mga tao kesa sa hayop example na lang ito di rin magtatagal mahahatolan din kayo ng panginoon na di kayang gawin ng ating sariling hukuman laban sa mga gagong ito!!

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