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WNYC Brian Lehrer’s 20th season anniversary with filmmaker Michael Moore

Posted by darbs on November 27, 2009

The 20th season anniversary of WNYC Brian Lehrer’s show brought us live interview  with filmmaker Michael Moore the creator of  the film “Capitalism: The Love Story.”

You can watch the video @ The Brian Lehrer Show 20th Season Anniversary.

Image Source: Brian Lehrer's video interview

And of course who could forget the Vincenton Post’s “Choice Capitalism” and why  every human being should defend it.

In my ‘similar” blog entry entitled, “Defend capitalism to live and survive in a society…” Vincent the blogger behind “The Vincenton Post” formerly known to me as “Ideological Soup”, gave his opinion about Michael Moore’s film “Capitalism: The Love Story”. I/you may not agree with him but in a civil society everyone’s opinion matters. Thank you Vins.

Here is his comment regarding the Michael Moore’s  movie “Capitalism: A Love Story”.

Vincent said

October 26, 2009 at 3:08 am

Vincent's Avatar

This is my first time to comment on this site. Michael Moore is a plain liberal who does not know what he’s talking about. His new movie “Capitalism: A Love Story” seriously misrepresents the ideals of capitalism. The premise of his new film-docu would have been justified had he entitled it “Government Regulation and Corruption: A Love Story. Moore miserably failed to define his terms. Capitalism is a term with objective meaning. It is a system that is based on individual rights. In my blog entitled “Capitalism and Imperialism are Contradiction in Terms”
I stated the following: “Only in a capitalist society can man own a private property, as well as the products of his own mind.

Updated 1: Just found the youtube video on that interview.


5 Responses to “WNYC Brian Lehrer’s 20th season anniversary with filmmaker Michael Moore”

  1. lee said

    sus, sayang, di nman ako makakaita sa video

    • darbs said

      same old problem. akala ko ba kinausap na ni Bambam si Prime Lee na katukayo mo tungkol sa freedom of sumtin. Sabagay, bilyong katao ba naman ang nakatira tapos lagyan mo ng freedom of everything… ewan ko na lang kung di magkakagulo-gulo. naalala ko yung sinabi mong “mind ur own bizniz amerikanismo.” iba kayo, iba kami.

  2. Happy anniversary Brian!

  3. alkapon said

    Pare koy, musta.. naka post na yung video mo sa blog ko, bilang pangako ko sa iyo kamakailan.. hilingin ko sana na ikaw ang mag base.

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