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November 23 Heroes Memorial Monument will rise here!

Posted by darbs on December 29, 2009

Dear Mr. Nonsense,

I know everyone of us in one way or another are very much affected with the monstrosity of the  November 23, 2009 Ampatuan Massacre.  We did everything in our power to make sense of that barbaric act.

At this moment, our only hope that their blood spilled in that part of the country would never be forgotten.  Those 57 souls died on November 23, 2009 were not just victims, but they are heroes who in my point of view sacrificed their lives so these barbarians who live among our people would be exposed.

Being said that, please if you could make an illustration dedicated and as a tribute to the “November 23, 2009 heroes” based on the images below is very much appreciated.

I am hoping for your kind consideration.

Note: The wild imagination was formed after reading the article @mindanews.com entitled, “Ampatuan Massacre commemorated a month after”

Photo Courtesy: Rev. Pantoja

The memorial monument I have in mind is based of what I saw when we visited  the Memorial Monument in Washington D.C.

Image courtesy: http://www.canoe4u.com/

What do you guys think of this possibility?

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