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May be freed for the reason of insanity: What if the rumor is true?

Posted by darbs on January 2, 2010

Unborn Child: The youngest among the Ampatuan Massacre Victims

There is a rumor going around the net that the murderers of  57 men and women including an unborn child in Maguindanao province on November 23, 2009,  tagged as the “Ampatuan Massacre” will soon be acquitted and may be freed.

From the point of view of the American people, this rumor is incomprehensible.

People might even accuse me of making up this rumor so I have something to put in this blog. Is that so?

Evidence of my claim: Exhibit A

Screenshot courtesy: barriosiete.com

How could this be possible?

Exhibit B:

It is not a secret that the “suspects” of the November 23, 2009 Ampatuan Massacre hired/paid/  80  lawyers  to defend them and prove their innocence before the eyes of the Philippine Justice/Criminal System.

Rumors also suggest that the Ampatuan lawyers will use the insanity defense. The argument would possibly look like this;

On November 23, 2009 while  our clients herded their victims to the burial ground (thanks to the insane Ampatuan backhoe), they (clients) at that moment, miraculously experienced insanity/retardation/brainlessness resulting the lost of their faculties. One by one, they behaved irrationally.  They became blood-thirsty-sucking-insane na- madmen pa. As a result of their madness, they started shooting their fellow human beings point blank. Some insane individuals even used high powered weapons such as insane 50 caliber machine guns!”

Exhibit C:

Vehicle riddled with 50 caliber machine guns

Vehicle riddled with 50 caliber machine guns

Photo courtesy: Rev. Pantoja

The presiding  Judge possible reaction:

“True, true, the argument is strong because nobody in their right minds would ever kill innocent civilians, only brainless and heartless bastards like your clients! Yes, it was INSANITY!”

To give more weight to the insanity defense, the great Ampatuan Massacre Defense Lawyers might also argue that their clients not only insanely brainless, they are soul-less as well as heartless.

Possible Exhibit D would be presented to the court.

“The Height of Irrationality – The Ampatuan Massacre!“, another evidence on how their clients lost their faculties.

A recommendation of the final Argument for acquittal:

With the strong insanity defense and the support of evidence, the Philippine Court should find the murderers then turned into rebels not guilty.

They should be freed and should go back to civilization and once again could “wreck havoc” to the Philippine population especially the Maguindanao province.

Hey, they are insane, remember? So, for the sake of our own INSANITY! Your Honor, they are Not Guilty! They should be freed!

Please listen to the Ampatuan Supporters in the streets!”

Photo courtesy: mindanaoexaminer.com

Outside the courthouse, the supporters should then start chanting; “Kawawa ang mga retards! kawawa ang mga buang, sira-ulo! Palayain sila! Palayain ang sira-ulong ito!  Sira ulong – Amputuan Not Guilty!

image courtesy: barriosiete.com

According to the rumor, the first one who will fly freely in the name of insanity will be the suspected insane ring leader.

The question is what if the rumor is true?

And if the Ampatuans are freed, what do you think will happen to Maguindanao and all those who testified against them? – Toto Causing

Please help the People of that Province, Oh God!

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