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Philippine May 10, 2010 Election: the whistleblower blues

Posted by darbs on May 18, 2010

Let me sing the lyric’s first stanza I copied/pasted/memorized/practiced for the “concert” from GMANews.TV website.  (do, re, mi, fa… la…la! looking for the right pitch)

A videotaped interview with an alleged whistleblower revealed details of an alleged massive rigging of the May 10 polls, tagging, among others, vice presidential frontrunner and Makati City Mayor Jejomar Binay as among those who paid ‘players’ to manipulate results. – lyrics source: http://www.gmanews.tv/eleksyon2010/story/news/191217/automated-polls-were-allegedly-rigged-whistleblower-claims

Coda: Tra-la-la!

By the way, why buy Filipino people’s vote if you could pay Filipinos who could manipulate Filipino election results?

(Possible reply: Filipino paid votes were needed so that they have something to manipulate, darn arse!)

GMA Headline News on Philippine Election Vote Buying…

The most interesting part is “WHAT THE FILIPINO AUTHORITIES WOULD DO ABOUT THE CLAIM?” Who will believe/buy the whisteblower’s story?

As always, I am for COMELEC ALL THE WAY!

And truly believe as promised of Philippines peaceful, credible election!

peaceful and credible 2010 electionPramis! May patayan, SAKSAKAN, BARILAN, violence and VOTE BUYING but May 10, 2010 election was  CREDIBLE PA RIN!

Oh, not to mention the “WHISTLEBLOWER BLUES”

To be continued…

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