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September 11 from the eyes of the conspiracy theorists

Posted by exodians on September 10, 2009

What is the truth?

american-eagleFor sure, humans not ALIENS FROM UFO let the 911 to happen and for sure many lives were lost in that tragedy and  thousands more . . . But wait a minute… hey! who knows maybe aliens did it too! – HOLY CRAP!

And one more thing, don’t blame the 911 tragedy to Mulongoy de Kolokoy or Damasoy Wakalamoy or to the Bispoy Bol-anoy engkantados de pataranta, please BLAME IT TO HUMANS! who could build and could destroy things for whatever purpose the tragedy would bring. Hesus kong maloloy-on!

Today, we will give you the minds of the conspiracy THEORISTS.

Just a reminder, this is just a theory, nothing but a theory, SO HELP US GOD!

Note: There is already the U.S. Official 911 report that you can believe  because as we already mentioned “YOU/I/WE MORTALS COULD NOT HANDLE THE TRUTH!.” – Holy Crap!

Here are the YouTube videos from the minds of the conspiracy theorists.

Part 1

Part 2

911 Pentagon Attack, Controlled Demolition?

For your convenience we created the “Loose Change” Google Link.

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