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Remembering the brutal killing of Supreme Bishop Alberto Ramento, DD

Posted by exodians on October 3, 2009

scibdThird Year Death Anniversary: Today, October 3, 2009  is the third year death anniversary of  Bishop (apong) Alberto Ramento of Iglesya Filipinista Independencia.

Bishop Ramento’s Apostolate: Social Justice (working with the poor/peasants/workers)

Bishop Ramento was a strong supporter of the farm workers of Hacienda Luisita who staged a strike that was violently suppressed by the police and military in November 2004, resulting in the death of seven striking farm workers on the picket line. source: ahrchk.net

Perpetrators of his murder: His brutal killing was charged to the Filipino street low life criminals. (robbery with homicide)

Weapon used: knife

Attact type: (sak-sak dunggab 7 times hitting vital organs…)

Disturbing Philippine scenario fact: If a bishop can be killed in his room in a convent, who is safe in that country?

According to the information we have received, Bishop Ramento (69) was found dead in his room in 2nd floor of the parish of San Sebastian, Espinoza Street, Tarlac City at around 4:00am on 3 October 2006. He was fatally stabbed seven times. Initial police investigation reports point to the incident as a mere case of robbery with homicide. However, Bishop’s family and his fellow clergy believe that his murder was methodically planned and politically motivated. Bishop Ramento had reportedly received several death threats …  source: ahrchk.net/ua

Before he was murdered he told his family… “I know they are going to kill me next, but never will I abandon my duty to God and my ministry to the people.” — Bishop Alberto B. Ramento D.D., ninth supreme bishop of the Iglesia Filipina Independiente, who was found murdered Oct. 3, 2006 inside his rectory in Tarlac.

His words  to his family reminds us of  the incident in the middle of 70’s in El Salvador when the White Warriors Union Death Squad threatened to kill the Jesuit priests in El Salvador who work with the poor and Father Pedro Arrupe (Jesuit’s Father General at that time) said “They may end up as martyrs, but my priests are not going to leave (El Salvador), because they are with the people.”

On June 20, 1977 the White Warriors Union death squad threatened to kill each of the 47 Jesuits in El Salvador unless they abandoned their work with the poor, and left the country within a month. After consulting with his men, Fr. Arrupe replied, “They may end up as martyrs, but my priests are not going to leave (El Salvador), because they are with the people.” Six Jesuits were subsequently murdered on November 16, 1989 at the Jesuit University of Central America as well as other Jesuits such as Rutilio Grande, and later also the Archbishop Óscar Romero (the later is not a jesuit, he was a diocesan priest very close to Opus Dei since his spiritual director belonged to said congregation). Wikepedia

Flowers for the occasion: Tribute to Bishop Ramento D.D.


“Free at last Free at last, thank God Almighty, I’m Free at last! – MLK”


“I’ve seen your struggle my friend…” notes of Marichu music video


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