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“Missing” 5 Billion Flood Control could make the difference?

Posted by darbs on September 29, 2009

Maybe yes, maybe not. . .  but for  sure (if the FILIPINO VOICES article is true about the missing 5 billion pesos budget for flood control projects) the people in charge with the monies did not think twice that pocketing the bilyones would benefit them better  so they could continue living their lavish lifestyle while leave others in misery and/or face death when calamity comes.

I guess, the “FEW” did not see Ontoy coming ha? Where is the 5 BILYONES na galing sa kaban ng bayan for the flood control project?

I wonder, ilan kayang buhay at ari-arian ang ma save ng 5 bilyon Flood control project if ever. . . ahhhh… to dream the imposible dream na naman sa isang kurap na society.

Then And Now Flood Montage:

Then And Now Flood Montage Photo Credit: atmidfield.com

The banner montage above says it: our problem with floods and the inability of government to cope with such calamity has barely changed or even worsened from the early 1900’s when horse-drawn karetelas found themselves swimming through muck and tody when modern transport  currenders to nature’s omnipotence. Main Source: atmidfield.com

Below is the quote from the Filipino Voices article entitled, “People in charge: Letter to the Filipino” where I got the idea for this blog entry.

And so, here we are. The people we put in charge, the people to whom we entrust our monies and our fate. There is so much we do not know, so many questions to ask about the nitty-gritty of governing. For now let us ask this question, where did it go, our P5 billion supposedly spent on “flood control projects” last year?

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