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Do I know where I’m going to: The Christopher Columbus effect

Posted by darbs on October 12, 2009

When we left that day for our long summer vacation, “the hiatus mode,” I had the premonition that one of my plants would not survive. There was an explanation. Common sense tells me that the container/soil/ could not hold  enough water/nutrients to sustain its life for a period of time. In retrospect, I should have done something when I could to prevent what I expected to happen but I did not.

Numb3r: I swear, 87 is Everywhere - NOrth pa giod.Way Back home: The first thing I checked when we arrived from our long vacation were the house plants. I was not surprise of what I’d seen but it broke my heart though because of  its sentimental value. Mind you, this lemon tree is older than my son.

House plants: Some have pets like dogs. stop! Press Enter…

(Updated Oct. 13, 2009 : Basahin nyu na lang kung ayaw nyung maniwala sa istoryang pet na alagang aso ni Mang Gusting )

May pinagmanahan nga lang itong si brownie, dahil kung anong libog ng kanyang among si mang gusting ay kasing-libog din ng kanyang alagang si brownie,..mantakin mo kahit sino pinapatulan, kapag nakakakita ng babaeng aso, agad niyang hinahabol,aamuyin ang tumbong at sinasakyan sabay kadyot. read the rest of the story “Gentle Dog” al kapon of KIDLAT NG MALABON!

Some have pets such as – /birds/pigs/snake/lion/tiger/ but me, I have the houseplants – lemon tree! – not that pretty and the lemon has no sweet. Now the old lemon tree is dead as dead as a “daw dayo nga layot,” –  remembrance of the seminary lemon tree – DAYS – nga gihimong ihii-anan sa mga kanahan. No, I was not one of those LEMON TREES URINATORS!

Not a pretty site: Yes, I was in denial. I had no balls to take the “dead plant” out from the container and throw it away so I could use the container for new seeds.

No not that fast! – So  decided to put it there like a decor. It would remain near the window pane until further notice.

This may sound like looney tunes but every time I  water the plants, I always water the “dead” lemon tree first, before the others – hoping that maybe, there is still life after death.

Cross fingers! – “Best Pizza in the United States of America!” brought to us by our Italian-American Immigrants.


You cannot judge the book by its cover.

* * *

United States of America: One Nation, Diverse Culture. How did we live together without dos-por-dosing- each other – or using the words such as; “Bakit nyu tinuruan ng Bisaya ang bata, dapat tagalog para Pinoy!” or Dapat sa Catholic School pinapaaral para Sosyal. (my rhetoric is taken from this blog entry “…Plans to shut down 2 Catholic schools”)

The Hispanic heritage month:

Hispanic Heritage Month has been celebrated in the United States since 1974, when President Gerald Ford issued a Presidential Proclamation extending Hispanic Heritage Week into a month-long observation.

latino-heritage-monthFeatured Artist: J-lo – well, dahil nakisaw-saw di salawasaw na naman tayo kaya un, nakakuha ng idea doon sa ” Here’s your LO-LA!” sa Barrio Sieting: Imbalanced news. Biased views! Keep Social Driving Around New York.

latino weekI heard this song “Do you know where you’re going to” over the transistor radio when I was a little boy;  living  in that little quiet farm house, in the middle of nowhere; and most of the day was left alone with Mother Nature as my baby sitter while my grannies were busy at the farm.

It was in the middle of the seventies. Mindanao, Philippines. There was no electricity – no television – no video game – and the only reading material was the “Bibliya: Ang Daan ug Bag-ong, Kasulatan.”

Of course, how can I forget my transistor radio…

As I look back in time and as I reminisced the impact of the song to my little brain/heart/emote – I was seduced by the tune rather than the lyrics. I was nine years old for goodness sake.

Mind! an excellent excuse,  the lyrics is written in english. Sabi pa sa ilokait na lola, “Baruk, bisaya ka lat-ta!” ouch!

Wait! – so not to insult the Philippine educational system where ENGLISH IS THE MEDIUM of instruction, maybe I understood some words of the song, but there is more than understanding the words, isn’t it? – the deeper meaning of each word that comes with experience.

Maybe, I did understand the lyrics with its recitative blasting state echoed repeatedly for weeks or months as it hits the chart and never heard it again faded with the new one rising up – keeping the spirit alive!

behold-different-angle“Do you know where you’re going to. Do you like the things that life is showing you.”

If you were a kid living in that quiet environment, how could you not like the things life is showing you?

And in that tender age, I know exactly where I was going to.  I want to be an adult so I could do adult stuffs and help out in the farm – like them – working the hands-on skills within the context of working in the ricefield –  as simple as that…

2009 came. As I looked back, it didn’t happen that way. I never became a farmer like my grannies. However, I could definitely say,  just like Christopher Columbus, I found a new land. I DISCOVERED AMERICA!

Is this my destiny? Is this my home sweet home?

Home is where your hearts belong: A comfort zone where happiness and satisfaction reigns. A place where I have  all the basic things needed for a human being to live – food, clothing and shelter – no country could give – except here.

The rest like being blessed with  a family,  is just an additional spice of a wonderful life this world has to offer. I don’t dream. I live in my dreams.

Yes, I get what I am hoping for. . . as real as it gets.

Do you?


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