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Defend capitalism “to live and survive in a society…”

Posted by darbs on May 8, 2009

The slogan we found in the book titled; “Atlas Shrugged” authored by Russian-born philosopher Ayn Rand is an interesting concept on how to understand and to think from the other side of the equation.

Here’s the slogan.

Every individual must effectively protect and defend capitalism if he is to live and survive in a society that respects individual rights, cherishes human ability, and demands the best in everyone. Read the rest of the entry here.

The article mentioned about two kinds of people in business.

Let us describe them in religious terms as… ANGELS AND DEMONS


  • Those who only rely on their own ability and competence on the one hand, and
  • Those parasites who maintain connection with the powers-that-be and who get rich by bribery, graft and corruption and unfair competition on the other hand.

Derived from the entry of  Ideological soup. Cool dude.

Here is the  About WP Page:

The person behind this blog is a struggling law student, a part-time writer, a movie-goer, an individualist, an Objectivist, and a book lover. When asked to describe myself, I usually give this personal, patented line: “I’m young, cool, and confident.” I actually used this line when I answered a particular question about four years ago, when I joined our campus editorial examination, and won. Yes, I served as editor in chief of my campus’ weekly organ for two years. Don’t ask me how it went through… being a campus editor, I tell you, was a tough, no, a hellish, experience! Read the rest of this entry.

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