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From the album: “November 23 Ampatuan Town Massacre” by Pastor Dann Pantoja – part 3 of 3

Posted by darbs on December 8, 2009

In this  last part of the “From the Album: “November 23 Ampatuan Town Massacre” by Pastor Dann Pantoja” series, bare the prayers of JUST-PEACE .

The Prayer:::

But before we continue, here is DFish,  “Baptism of Repentance: A prayer for the Massacre Perpetrators”

Courtesy: DesertFishing

Read the rest of the prayer here:

Note: The images and the captions below were the personal accounts/musings of Pastor Dann Pantoja at the “Ampatuan Massacre” ground zero.

Published with written permission:

I take pictures to express my prayers graphically and digitally - Rev. Dann Pantoja

I pray that the police and all the authorities would really bring a just-closure to this crime and that justice will not be delayed.

I pray that military vehicles like this one would soon be obsolete in Mindanao.

I pray for genuine protection of human rights, beyond the officials’ photo ops.

I pray that genuine justice and peace be experienced by the Bangsamoro people as they continue to work towards their right to self-determination as a free nation.

I pray that the local police officers would really function effectively as peace officers instead of having them being policed by the military.

I pray that our people would think creatively–beyond the military solution–as we deal with our conflicts.

I pray that our people traveling through our highways would not need these military presence just for us to feel safe.

I pray that the Justice Secretary Agnes Devanadera would deliver what her position is supposed to deliver–undelayed justice.


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