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The 2016 Olympics, and the winner is…

Posted by darbs on October 2, 2009

Rio de Janiero, BRAZIL!

Trip To Brazil

Photo credit: chuvachienes.com

Jubilation in Rio de Janiero during the announcement…

Jubilation in Rio de Janiero

photo credits: guardian.co.uk

Bambam tried to push his Chicago Olympic bid in Copenhagen.  But I guess the Olympics committee think otherwise instead picked Rio de Janiero.

Photo credit:

Photo credit: guardian.co.uk

What can you do brother. The committee had spoken. Well,  Atlanta already won the 1996 Olympics bid. Maybe it was too much to ask the second time around. Nice try!


In fact, there is already a park tribute to the 1996 Olympians.

Tribute to the 1996 Olympics

Atlanta Centennial Park:Tribute to the 1996 Olympians

Centennial Olympics Park: Atlanta, Georgia

The Olympics bid was important but I guess the most important is the bid for LET’S MAKE OUR EARTH NUCLEAR FREE!




Let’s Make Our Earth Nuclear-Free!

eternal-flameDr. Martin Luther King J.R.’s Eternal Flame

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