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July 4th: Independence day part 2

Posted by darbs on August 3, 2009

July 4th – New York City Central Park: Instead of going straight to Hudson River (West side) we decided to start our long walk at the Central Park.

Objective: To watch the July 4th Macy’s yearly New York City community/tourist/family/ tradition/attraction.

Time: Fireworks 9:20 P.M. Location: Hudson River

Part 1 the Introduction: New York City WideAngle tour bus ang background

We  knew that we should be  out of this place before the MACYS FIREWORKS would start.

Big thinkers! Big thinkers! Preservation over profits!
God, how could you not love NEW YORK CITY!
Its diversity… its beauty!

Photo Credits: nyc-architecture.com

Photo Credits: nyc-architecture.com


Central Park

Up to this time it made me wonder how the forefathers/pioneers/city planners/local government/civil servants were able to think preservation over profits . They could have had just sold this place to the developers and/or privatize, instead they preserved this part of the city for free public access.

Their legacy left a big mark to this city.

If anybody visited Central Park during this time of year (summer time),  you would surely see the same scenery.



DSCN1202 DSCN1203
central-park-rock3 central-park-rock4
central-park-wal2 central-park-wal1
central-park-wal4 central-park-wal5


Central Park Skyline

Kids would definitely love New York Central Park’s rocky walk/rock climb/rock descend and all the amenities the park has to offer.

central-park-stonyKids won’t stop running, walking and rock climbing. You better be in good shape to play the game your kid wants to play.



central-park-walk1 central-park-walk3
central-park-brvh1 DSCN1218
central-park-walk5 central-park-walk6
central-park-sky1 central-park-rest1
central-park-rest2 central-park-rest3
central-park-rest4 central-park-rest6
central-park-rest7 central-park-walk9


central-park-rock-c1 central-park-rock2
central-park-rock4 central-park-rock6
central-park-rock7 central-park-rock8
central-park-rock9 central-park-rock10
central-park-rock11 central-park-rock14
central-park-fench1 DSC03486
central-park-ice1 central-park-walk15
central-park-ice2 central-park-walk19
central-park-walk20 Time to get out of here!

What you see folks is just part and parcel of the Park – tip of the iceberg.

We did not go deeper into the heart of Central Park because we would be running out of time.

You need at least one half-full day to navigate great places in Central Park.

Besides, the limo was waiting (jowk lang), hourly pa naman ang bayaran.

Kaya goodbye Central Park. ..Till next time

The next part would be the  west side story, our July 4th journey.

central-park-limo central-park-limo2

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