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To criticize, or not to criticize: that is the question

Posted by darbs on September 16, 2009

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Jan Geronimo of  “Writing To Exhale” has a very interesting entry in his blog entitled; “The Art of Criticizing Blogging Buddy.”

Here is the question that caught my attention: How do I respond to an objectionable in a friend’s (Social Networking Definition of friendship) post?

Case scenario:

He (the blogger) did all the heavy lifting all right, but should he be commended if he places the sofa in the bathroom and the dining table in the garage?  Shouldn’t you have the right to tell him he’s out of his mind?

Answer: Yes, I may have the right to tell the blogger that he is out of his mind but as much as possible, I should avoid using those words.

Follow up question: What if somebody tells me that “I am out of my mind or something?”

Here is how I describe: If you put your finger in Charlie’s mouth and you know well that he is teething and in that particular  age he likes to bite, then he will bite you.

He is just being Charlie… your buddy, your brother and your friend…the social networking way.

Did I make sense?

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