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Fiction or Non-Fiction: The Story of Mrs. Rizal (the widow of Dr. Jose Rizal)

Posted by darbs on October 7, 2009

Today when I checked my email among the dozens of emails I maintained over the years, a forwarded email to: Fil-Am_Network@yahoogroups.com  got my attention. My guess is that it has a lot to do with my son’s SEVENTH GRADE social studies subject – feeling “historical effect” lately.

First let me borrow Elmot’s words in his comment, “Their Balls Something: Philippine Pointing Fingers…” with a little tweak:. Hope you don’t mind bro.

(FYI: Elmot by the way  is an exsem of the Roman Catholic Church. kag may paaman with palaman, “ti ano toto” sabi pa,  “Ti, ano na, salumon ko?” . Sabay turo kay DFish na ngayon nag abandon ship for a month; the sabbatical mode.)

“…when a new [old information] surfaces, wow, it was nothing but another page on history books.” – Elmot


“The priest’s alleged abuses and misconduct that resulted in two forced abortions and one miscarriage”

Is everything a  “flash in a pan?”

This will bring us to social studies the 7th Grade text book – Made in U.S.A. Public School System.


The Social Studies Book: One Nation Many People

one-nation-many-peopleReading this Social Studies book with my son reminded me of Philippine history. Here is part of the story… minus the Lapulapu beheaded thingy. Magellan… back to Tiyo Paeng’s Karokehan – the second time around. On March 16, 1521 Philippines was discovered by Magellan.

Chapter 3 – page 27 – 28.

In 1493, Spain sent Columbus back on a second trip.  Columbus was supposed to set up colonies. . . This time, he had 17 ships and about 1,500 people. Columbus also had on board five Roman Catholic priests. Their goal was to convert the “Indians” to Christianity.

This time, the Native Americans did not welcome Columbus. They were afraid that the strangers would take over their lands…Native Americans attacked Columbus’s forces. When Columbus arrived… he found his fort burned. In the ruins, he found the bodies of the men he left behind. The men in the fort had treated the Native Americans cruelly. In return, the Native Americans had attacked and killed them.

Columbus decided to strike back. Spanish soldiers riding horses attacked the Native American villages…. With his force, Columbus conquered the Taino. Then he forced them to build a new settlement. He ordered them bring him gold. He also put more than 500 Taino in chains and shipped them to Spain as slaves.

In 1494, the Taino rebelled against Columbus. However, their simple weapons were no match for Spanish guns and cannon. The Spanish hunted down the Taino with attack dogs. Many Native Americans were brutally killed.

ColumbusPicture from the book: Columbus landed in America over 100 years ago. I could also say Magellan landed Philippines over 100 years ago.

Their mindsets were simple: To conquer more lands. Heard the words “KONGKISTADORIS?” mindset nothing but fame, power and greed in the name of civilization.

DSCN7421The Spanish forced the Native Filipinos (Indios) to work for them like slaves.

american-historyUnit One: The Clash of Cultures in the Americas

Fast forward – – 2009 came…


“We”, the American People (darbs is a proud Fil-Am) moved on. My advise to my son was;

“Son, you watch and listen! and always remember the words painted in your school;  “There is only one RACE!  THE HUMAN RACE!”


Photo harbat: Barrio Siete

Updated October 9, 2009:

Yes, the slogan sounds good but in reality; in real world, please don’t expect human race understands the meaning of the WORD. Son, you might ask why?

The answer is… “Have you ever been discriminated?”

Without further ado…

Here is the email’s intro:

TO AVENGE HER HUSBAND; The Widow of Dr. Rizal Here to Secure Aid for the Patriots in the Philippines. HER WORK IN PHILADELPHIA Arrangements Made for Expeditions and Supplies and an Agreement for Mutual Assistance Concluded with the Cuban Junta. This was on the front pages of several US Newspaper on September 22, 1897, Wednesday including the NYTimes

Here is my photo of one of New York City’s landmark, The New York Times Building.


Below is the source of the article from NewYork Times Archive’s: Google result.


screenshot source nytimes archives

PHILADELPHIA, Sept. 21.1897 — Marina Comenol Orbi Hozae Rizal, the widow of Dr Hozae Rizal, who was butchered by Gen Polaviejo on Dec 6, 1896 is now in Philadelphia. Dr Rizal was the acknowledged leader and instigator of the revolution in the Philippines, which had been smoldering since 1894. As the president of Manila University; he was honored and revered by the residents of the island.Jose_rizal_01

Religious persuasion and the atrocities list of tyrannies that are familiar to Cuban and Philippine historians finally were too grave for Dr Rizal to bear. He was instrumental in gathering together the patriots, and took to the field. Marina Comenol Orbi had been a student in the university. An attachment has sprung up between her and the President, and on Dec 4 she went into the thick of the battle to meet her lover, and the President, and they were married, with a band of patriots as the only witnesses.

Marina returned to Manila and two days later the young husband was captured. The Spanish General visited the prisoner, and offered him life, liberty, and passports for himself and wife if he would persuade the insurgents to yield. Rizal courageously and patriotically refused to buy his freedom at such a price. On Dec 6 he was led to a stone wall, compelled to knell, and was shot to death by a file of Spaniards under command of Gen Polaviejo.

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