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The Song of Nathaniel: Give Peace a Chance

Posted by exodians on August 25, 2009

Gibisitahan giod nato ang imong bag-ong personal website. This is the result.

“Let there be peace on Earth and Let it begin with me”

Nia ang gitara gahandom nga matogtog maski chords man lang. Nagpasalamat na lang in advance.


Source: http://www.reverbnation.com/thesingerthesongwriter


Kunsad Langitnong Kalayo

Give Peace A Chance
Music & Lyrics by: Nathaniel Cabanero
Arranged by: Jun Masamayor
Singer: Judie Cabanero
Back up vocals: Filipino Donegal Kids

This song was written based on the personal experience of Mr. Nathaniel Cabanero when he was working with the war-torn communities in the Philippines.

This song was also one of the 12 finalists in 2008 Tipperary International Peace Songwriting Contest held in Tipperary, Republic of Ireland.

Intro: Cadd9 – Bb – Cadd9 – Bb

In the beginning
When God created the world

He said “everything is good”.

There is peace and harmony
Am7           Dm7
What a beautiful sight
Gsus4 G        Eb Gsus4     G
For the people to live and God provides

As the years go by
Bb                        Cadd9
People were not contented and satisfied
They want to own the  world
Am7    Dm7
Even the life of man
Now there’s culture of war
Hatred has come to man

Fadd9 Cadd9
What we believe is a world of peace
Dm7        G                   C
When there is no hatred , greed and selfishness
Fadd9                       A7         Dm7
And what we are dreaming for a world to be lived in
Gm7          Cadd9        Fadd9   Gsus4 G
Is that we give peace a chance  once again

III (same chords as 2nd Stanza)
Now the call is going out
To bring back the image of the world once lost
To instill in the hearts of people
To care for life, peace & unity
And fear of the Lord  ( Repeat Chorus)

Now the time has come
To turn our swords into ploughshares
Bbm                       Fadd9
And build bridges  instead of walls
Gsus4          G           Cadd9
And let peace begin within yourself

Nathaniel Cabanero: songwriter/singer [Pop, Easy Listening, Christian]

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