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Joy ride with darbs on the way to hacienda de apple picking

Posted by darbs on October 29, 2009


Harbat: Mr.Nonsense

Apple picking has become part of our yearly tradition/routine.

This is the time of year when leaves change colors and the weather could be described as, “malamig ang simoy ng hangin…kay saya ng bawat damdamin…”

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Autumn Leaves

Nag apple picking si Adan og si Eba sa Paraiso.

autumn-musing“Wala daw silay sinina kay walay ukay-ukay didto. Wala silay sinina kay walay baratilyo didto. Talina, talina ang apple pie kauna. Tarorot, tarorot and tiyan moburot…”

Fresh Apple Pie: “Kamayan” without tinidor kutsarang dala. Kinamota bai!


Wag, mag-alanganin, tsong! Isubo mo na!
Isuka mo na lang pagkatapos ng picture taking.
Bulimic ba? Figure it out!

A as in apples

We drove about couple of miles to go to one of the orchards outside New York City.

Here is the tidbit of our “joy ride” captured using a digital camera.

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Updated 1: I forgot to mention that this blog entry is derived from Off top of my head: The Apple Picking Blues.

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