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2007-2008 Remembrance

The year 2007 is ending and the exodians website’s contents remained what it wassmall_remembrance.jpg except some updates on how the website is administered under ExoWeb Info menu.The “Saga of the Exodians” that supposedly be the historical account; written, submitted and shared through the exodians.org website from the 1987 incident at Notre Dame Archdiocesan Seminary in Nuling, Cotabato City has not been materialized.

As one of the emails we received had expressed its concern saying, “you don’t have any information that qualify to be of journalistic interest.” I guess there is a truth in that email because the contents regarding what really happened are opinions which could not be considered facts. Does this mean the exodians website made up the existence of such story? Absolutely not! Facts, dates and some accounts might be blurry but that don’t mean the absense of truth.

Something did happen inside the seminary on November 1987 which was considered as “Historic Event”.

You might want to confirm about the seminarians mass expulsion to now Bishop Romulo dela Cruz known as “Mulong” or Archbishop de Dios Peublos who according to the newsbreak online article entitled: “Conservatives Now Control CBCP […]” led the opposition to calls for Philippine President Macapagal-Arroyo’s resignation. The newsbreak article mentioned Bishop Pueblos in this fashion,

“18 bishops from Mindanao, led by Butuan Bishop Juan de Dios Pueblos, declared their opposition to calls for Ms. Arroyo’s resignation.”

The above mentioned names (Bishops de Dios and dela Cruz) could confirm the 1987 seminarians hunger strike because they were there. They too were made witness and the driving force to the first ever recorded Roman Catholic minor seminarians’ hunger strike in a conservative Philippine Catholic institution.

At that time, Mulong now Bishop was the “Spiritual Director”, Fr. Rudy Relator, DCC – the Rector, Fr. Manny Angeles, DKC, and Bishop de Dios was the Kidapawan Diocese Bishop.

Once again, the exodians.org is calling for everyone involved to submit their accounts, thoughts, reflections and experiences of that historic event. With the hope and just a thought of such endeavor, the exodians.org website’s is here to stay and ready for that day; for all your thoughts and reflections.

The exodians website would also like to thank those who find interest by registering. You know who you are.

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Again, thank you.

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Photo Credit: CPCP online website.

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