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A voice from a regent: An appeal

Submitted by: Sean Anthony Yap
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Freedom of expression as expressed by BROTHER Sean Anthony Yap, future cleric/priest.

Exodians, NDAS Chapel 1987

I haven’t really known anything about Exodians or what it means but I am grateful and ever so hopeful that such program and supporting motivation for seminarians who were so called fallen out of place from the seminary structure are still encouraged and given importance until today.

November NDAS Alumni Gathering with the theme - "DAYO - WE TODAY, TOMORROW AND FOREVER

November NDAS Alumni Gathering with the theme - "DAYO - WE TODAY, TOMORROW AND FOREVER

We have gone out the seminary alright but it does not mean that we have also lost our identity as seminarians in that extent. That being a seminarian means affecting and influencing good to all walks of life.

There was one time when we were traveling along the highway going to Davao using the seminary vehicle, we were held by a group of police officers only to introduce that one of them was an EXODIAN, that once he was a DAYO seminarian of NDAS.

Image as imaginedNDAS vehicle was stopped somewhere, sometime: re-enactment of the so called unconventional encounter of our fellow exodian – NDAS alumnus – NDAS SEMEX – a DAYO

We were stunned at first when they forced to stop us thinking what violation we committed, but as we started moving passed them and after a sudden introduction, we finally managed to breathe again.

I, then realized that even though we are not able to be ordained as priests and all purposes why we were in the seminary, we still carry who we are like an indelible identity wherever we go.

I am an exposurist currently employed at Notre Dame of Tacurong College as faculty and Campus Ministry Staff, yet we do not feel supported by our own formators the same weight given to those who proceeded to theology where in fact we needed twice support as much as theologians do.

We are still potential priests of Archdiocese of Cotabato, so allow me to express in all my honest yet humble opinion to you my brothers what is your sentiment regarding this. Is there a need to put up a program for regents where they would not feel neglected, left behind and would not feel less important?

This is an appeal I would like my fellow brothers to ponder upon. It is still my first year on regency and by God’s grace my vocation is still preserved in the company of priests who constantly inspire us to move along and continue this vocation. That vocation must not lie on the mercy of our formators though we pretty much owe our being formed to their hands and the way they see formation.

I am happy that I can express my thoughts in this website. I need other opinions regarding this matter my brothers.

May God bless us always.


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