Netizens of The Word

I read through your webpage with tears

Dear Exodians — Our dear brothers/fellow alumni at NDAS,

Glad to know this website is dedicated to the  36 seminarians – exodians expelled from NDAS. Happy to get in touch with all of you through this website.  We can continue with our fellowship on-line.

I am not familiar with the issues of that fateful year ’87, nor did I  take sides on the matter.  I did not  have a full appreciation (i.e., understanding) of the case then and even now.

I  fully agree on the need to restore confidence in the Catholic Church heirarchy through positive advocacy that seek to build and not to destroy; actions that promote justice and healing/reconciliation.

I humbly appeal to you to serve the Church we all love through measures that are firmly rooted in the figure of  Jesus Christ, our common Master.

Your sacrifice will not be forgotten. Your courage will be honored, our dear brothers.

Let us continue to pray and reflect on the path that will truly honor the memory of the 36 courageous  young men we now call Exodians.

In Our Lady of Notre Dame,

nonoy r

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