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Mga kauban nga Exodians

It’s good that we now have a website of our own.

I wish I could write a brief narrative of what and how it was during those days, when we were at hunger strike, and when we were eventually thrown out from the seminary.Somebody sent a comment calling us as mere trouble makers. I wonder who this particular guy is but I am almost certain that he is a parasite within the church living in luxury and lavishness in the midst of hunger and poverty in the Philippines.

Personally, no matter how I have wanted to become a priest, I have no regrets at the decision we so daringly made at that time of our youth. We were in our teens then, but I dont think the decisions and actions we made were symptomatic of immaturity.

I am glad I am married. I am glad that I have kids I can openly call my kids. I am glad I have a wife I can call my wife in front of every body.

If I were a priest, I would have sons and daughters I wouldnt call mine. I would have relationships with many women, but I would not bother to identify them as my fiancee or wife in front of friends. kalooy sa mga pari no. pero sobra sad ka makauulaw. Most of them live luxurios lives, and they call that following the path of christ.

I hope walay usa nato nga nagmahay nga wala ta napari. Mas maayo nang dili magpakaaron-ingnon nga naay Ginoo aron lang makadaginot sa limos gikan sa mga makalolooy.


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