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December 1,  2009: Source Code posting in WordPress rocks! Due time for WordPress blogstat: Here is the November 2009 blogstat’s screenshot.

October 8, 2009: If you noticed the page exodians.org 404 document not found, that means – NOT FOUND! Is this paalam exodians.org? or “Walang Hanggang Paalam exodians.org.” Well, why stay with Joomla if there is wordpress that could handle everything from hosting/upgrading/maintenance.


Photo Courtesy:cpcabrisbane.org

Photo Courtesy:cpcabrisbane.org

pril 26, 2009 : Theme: Reminiscing and looking back; rewiewing;entertaining;social networking; some heed our call some didn’t just lurked around. HOURS were spent browsing pages upon pages of documents inside the VATICAN LIBRARY and Library of CONGRESS.

Religiousity: The Spirit of the masters is upon US with the HELP OF… In God We Trust besides Baby JESUS the MASTER OF ALL. We had Bishop Romero in the 80’s from Latin Americanow 2009, WE HAVE OUR OWN FILIPINO KABABAYAN BISHOP: ALBERTO RAMENTO…

Supreme Bishop Alberto Ramento, D.D
He was murdered on Oct. 3. 2006…
Never heard about the SUPREMO,
No news? No news came by …
Not a at all..No hint,
Three Years Later…
He came to us…
Quo Vadis?


May 07, 2009 : The symbol means …”cause of death: violence”, someone’s life was taken by force sa binaryo pa nga istoryahanay, saksak binaboy bay, observed sa slaughter house ni Minggoy…just  ike that, but effective…Here is the April  three – year  blogstat record high.

May 10, 2009: Happy Mother’s Day 2009.
Featured blog entry: Manay Bing Wilson, Motivational Speaker
Bloggistas with Mother’s Day: Brother Utoy:the son on mother’s day, Salamat Nanay: An art – wow -refreshing, DFisherman, Diary of Me, Jen the RN, Angel: BluePanjeet, Power Mamaemliskie: Mother’s Day Special

Tags: BroUtoy, DFisherman, Diary of Me, Jen the RN, Angel: BluePanjeet,

May 08, 2009: Changed the Tag Line: Continuing journey … to Broutoy’s naming convention the

Advanced saksak-dunggab

Advanced saksak-dunggab

Exodians: Netizens of the Word. Welcome to the New World Order sa EXODIANS BASILICA de Teknolohiya. (Hesus nga maloloy-on) signed by darbs.

March 21, 2009:
Effective  this week Word Press exodians account will resume its function such as commenting and publishing. Salamat sa tubag.

March 13, 2009:

Updated: 05/15/2009 – Starting NOW,  exodians.wordpress.com will suspend using the EXODIANS WP account, to hop around the blogesphere until technicalities will be resolved.

In addition, we will suspend leaving messages and comments using the exodians’ name. For now the exodians account will not be used to publish any blog entry.

New Policy, No exception!: Guideline is important to avoid any legal action in the near future. Every entry of this blog has to be pos


ted by the individual member who responded the EXODIANS.WORDPRESS.COM invitation.

Step 1: Please accept and activate your WordPress.Com account.


No further explanation.

Thank you.

Signed by Darbs, March 15, 2009, the day of our Lord.

January 4, 2009: Presenting the exodians.wordpress.com new record high. The first time we mentioned about blog stats was on March 21, 2008 –

January 1, 2009: Greetings! Merry X-mas 2008 and Happy New Year 2009!

Talk of the town.

December 12, 2008: Oh it’s WordPress 2.7. What a change! There is a significant change and the place to re-orient/rewired/reconnect is at  http://support.wordpress.com/wordpress-27-changes/

December 08, 2008:  The result  error 404 –  Not Found when a user clicked the link located at the side bar has nothing do to with the 404 Error not found discussed here.

December 05, 2008 – What’s new? It is official! The American economy is in recession. The  recession started on December 2007.  Okey then…what can you do?

August 29, 2008 – If you happened to visit the website http://www.exodians.org (between August 28 and August 29) and received an Error 404 (read more)

July 23, 2008 – We removed “Category Clouds” from the left side of the web page and added “Recent Comment Widget” titled “Kudos!”. “Recent Comment: Kudos!” publishes all the recent comments of the https://exodians.wordpress.com. For now, we set two for the comments to show.

– 0 –

April 13, 2008: “I am looking for information about a certain keyword, what do I do?” The answer is, “use the Search Engine! you searcher!”

What did I say about brainwashing? – without any scientific evidence to support such claim that we are brainwashed (good for you if you are not one of us) and forced to use search engines. Look what happened!

We all did just that…millions or even billions of searches every millisecond (not a fact just guessing) including bots, zombies, and all other searchers. So, when a keyword such as exodians is unrecognizable by these search engines, that is what we called “one lonely dude”. Read the rest of this entry >>

March 26, 2008: How to User List by Role? Read the rest of this entry >>

March 25, 2008: I responded the invitation, what to do next? Read the rest of this entry >>

March 23, 2008: Selling wordpress.com to the world. Read the rest of this entry >>

March 21, 2008: exodians.wordpress.com blog stats. Read the rest of this entry >>

March 17, 2008: The exodians.org domain will soon be redirected at the exodians.wordpress.com. Why? For practical reason. Read the rest of this entry >>

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