Netizens of The Word

The exodians battle for Search Engine Recognition

So far, MSN search engine’s radar is playing tough to the exodians.wordpress.com compared to the Wikipedia. At this time, as far as msn search engine algorithm is concerned, if someone typed the keyword “exodians” at the msn search box, Wikipedia is the number one in the list. Worst standing is the http://www.exodians.org. Here is the direct link of the search engine query. <updated> No longer true as of 12/08.

The searched result has shown that http://www.exodians.org is nowhere to be found, unreachable via msn search engine, even though the exodians.org is using a search engine optimization booster from the web host company.

The added boost needed to surpass Wikipedia and exodians.wordpress.com didn’t work-no effect at all. The person in the other line might argue when asks “Why?, well because you are using the free optimization service with less option or no option at all, that is why.” Try our paid search engine optimization service and see the result.” The respond would surely be,

“Are you kidding us?”


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