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Travel: The 2009 field trip to the Whitehouse

Posted by darbs on July 30, 2009

Boys and Girls from the Philippines spearheaded by their teacher will visit the White house tomorrow (July 31 30, 2009). The best field trip ever!

Yeeh! another “klap klapan” of the lifetime! Wait! wait! the best part is most likely, they are going to meet Bam and Hil.

Another sound of  “Yeeh!” and “Hurray!”

Hil and Bam

The oldies newspaper headline of Hil and Bam

Some of their classmates who are not in the teacher’s pet list wrote a letter to the “To whom it may concern” of their concerns, like corruption, torture, extra-judicial execution, blah! blah! and more blahs!

These “uban bilin” classmates, need an ally too, you know. They don’t really expect for “To Whom It May Concern” to send his army, (Burikatan esti Balikatan all the way, remember?) to liberate the nation against corruption because as we all know, we have that same problem but with different tactics and strategies or are they? Who knows?

Besides, the Filipino politicians have perfected corruption to its finest.

Corruption in the Philippine is so clean. Even if you put together the FBI, CSI CIA, Mossad, InterPol and all the greatest investigators in this world could never find any evidence of  corruption that is Philippine made.

In fact, corruption in the Philippine is all heresy. It is a myth. Of what I heard, “they will pray over and corruption will go away.”

Beat that!

There was no such thing as fertilizer scam, nor hello garci thingy, nor NBN/ZTE , nor ABC DEF GHI JKL… or the HELLO, in the Good Morning Buffet!

So, will this letter really matter?

Letter to President Obama

Source: This letter is taken from the blog according to Ellen Tordesillas, the journalist.

Following letter was sent to Obama through House Speaker Nancy Pelosi:

His Excellency President Barack Obama
Washington District of Columbia
United States of America

Dear Mr. President,

We shared the wonderful jubilation of the American people during your historic election triumph. When you assumed office early this year, we rejoiced at the audacious hope that you inspired, and on your promise of change for the common good.

We joined all freedom loving people of the world who exulted when you declared that “those who cling to power through corruption and deceit and the silencing of dissent…are on the wrong side of history.”

The Filipino people share the same morals, ideals and aspirations that define the envied way of life of the American people. Filipinos yearn for the same kind of leaders that the American people yearn for themselves; leaders who are imbued with the right values, lead principled lives, and govern withn the highest ethical standards. The ideals of justice, democracy and the upliftment of human rights animate the Filipino people’s dreams of a better world in much the same way that these ideals animate the dreams of the American people.

Upon your invitation, President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo will have the chance to meet with you on July 30, 2009. In your meeting with Ms Arroyo, it may serve you well to be mindful of Ms Arroyo’s legacy of corruption, extra-judicial killings, enforced disappearances, torture, bribery, election cheating, among others. We do not wish to belabor you with details of these high crimes which have surely been documented and reported by the U.S. State Department to your Office.

The Filipino people also yearn for change from the effrontery of hopelessness and the curse of decadence that Ms Arroyo represents. In your meeting with Ms Arroyo, we feel confident that you will make clear to her that a Government that does not comply with the Principles of Democracy and respect for Human Rights cannot have the approval and support of your administration. We implore you Mr. President to inspire hope and be an instrument of change for the common good of the long suffering Filipino people.


Teofisto Guingona Jr. former vice president; Jovito R. Salonga, former Senate president;
Franklin Drilon, former Senate president; Camilo D. Quiason, former SC Justice;

Former senators Wigberto Tañada, Sergio Osmeña III, Vicente T. Paterno, Agapito A. Aquino;

Josefina T. Lichauco, former cabinet secretary, Concerned Citizens Movement; Francisco I. Chavez, former Solicitor General; Corazon J. Soliman, former cabinet secretary; Juan Santos, former cabinet secretary;

Jejomar C. Binay, mayor, Makati City; Bro. Eddie C. Villanueva, national chairman, PJM; Sr. Mary John Mananza, OSB, co-chairperson, AMRSP; Harry L. Roque, Jr., UP Law, Concerned Citizens Movement; Jun I. Lozada, state witness, ZTE/NBN

* * *

One called the letter, “stupidity” because … well,  just read it!  here so you will know his reasons why.

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