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Manny’s power in two rounds: kipakalibs ang kalabs (draft)

Posted by darbs on May 4, 2009

Cyberspace: Sunday morning (May 03, 2009) – Manny’s last night  (May 2. 2009) boxing winning streak is now all over the Internet. First message came from dfish.

He won! Yes, Manny won! A Big deal for the FILIPINO all over the WORLD.

The image below is from DFISH blog’s URL

For weeks the Manny Boxing Promotional Brigade, in their effort to make last night’s fight a historic moment (as always) in one VOICE declared that “Manny is as great fighter – – greater than Mohammad Ali…COME AND WATCH for a FEE so you can decide yourself . They knew that once you see The Pac Man in the ring, dancing so smoothly, then there is no such thing as MONEY BACK  because of satisfaction.

My American friend’s reaction when heard how I revered Manny is understandable because the idea of greatness is somewhat taboo.

How could anybody be “great” like Manny can be compared or can even be greater than the greatest MUHAMMAD ALI? Matud pa sa kailang kaituman, that is retard bro? that is retard…how can Filipino M be greater than our American M?

By the way we are not comparing Manny to  Mohammad Ali’s role in  American History/American Experience. You should know better than that. If not then GO BACK AND STUDY  your BLACK HISTORY MONTHS!

Please consider the concept of Manny’s greatness according to the pundits as PURE marketing strategy/propaganda/ just to attract audience and controversy and take out some of MUHAMMAD ALI’S BURDEN OF GREATNESS and shared the status of greatness among boxers to our MANNY.

Share Children! Share!

However, I for one, kind of love and should love the IDEA THAT OUR OWN Manny  gibayaw sa kalangitan sa mga sikat.  Si Manny nakasulod na giod ug nahimong representative sa kalibutang mga sikat lang ang pueding MABUTANG.

Manny for sure  is deserved to be in that status – higher than my old spiritual director who had no clue on the effect of his stupidity … matud pa ayaw pud ana bay, basin magabaan ta…Don’t worry mga bays, SI BUKTOT ning gaistorya. Remember? Nia na tanan sa buktot ang gaba . Unsa pa giod daw ang kahadlokan sa buktot nga DALA DALA na man nya ang gaba through all these years?

Back to Manny: Si Manny is now in that  CIRCLE where only FEW ARE CHOSEN – The WORLD OF THE CHAMPIONS. Ah mao diayng si Manny lang ang na Champion ug si Buktot wala. Pero ang kadaugan ni Manny nakapataas ug MORAL sa atong kaliwat nga Pilipinhon. GIPAKATULOG ANG PUTIANONG Briton? Two rounds? Wa giod tawon kabalo ang kulokoy kung unsay nakaigo sa iyaha. KAIGIT ang tawag ana nya Darbs, matud pa sa kalag ni Pitchung…

Sa kadaugan ni Manny Pacquiao sugdan na ang tagay!

We are the Champions by Queens


Hik * Shalamat * hik…bay! *


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