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Part 2: One Saturday morning in Brooklyn

Posted by darbs on June 26, 2009

Wider angle: Featured Tour Sakayan Bus
in my Brooklyn neighborhood one Saturday morning


Street scenes…

Around Brooklyn neigborhood tour guide
Around Brooklyn neigborhood tour guide



Hello, to you too!

weeds, sagbot, damo, adoy-adoy …






Hail Yellow Cab, bring me to my destination…


or just wait for the MTA Bus…

With MTA card: $2.00 Fare anywhere
if you know where you are going…


Or just walk…

Marami kang makikita…


Pedestrians… most likely turistas… hehehe.

Kung akoy taga Maynila ang tawag ko sa mga yan taga prabens.

This street will lead me somewhere?

Lumabas na naman ang aking pagka adventurista, “kuno”…

Shortcut to the park

Shortcut to the park

Part 1: Read: One Saturday morning in Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A

The park and the ladies…

The Magic of New York City…

It’s park full of trees to recharge…

In the middle of chaos, there is a place for peace. the park

In the middle of chaos, there is a place for peace. the park

While at the park, here may mensahe gikan ni DFish: Influential nga blogger, latest post: Wasting time with my father

dFish said

June 25, 2009 at 9:11 am e

Avatar/Gravatar who knows?


Bro, welkam to Barrio Brooklyn diay na…I love how the ordinariness of your daily walk to work has sharpened awareness to pay more attention even of the less sanitized, the broken,the dilapidated,those bracketed by the prevailing institutions,the neglected – ang mga ismiringhoy sa sosyidad, ang mga dinaugdaug, ang mga pasaway, ang mga sinalikway, ang mga bulingit, ang mga palahubog, ang mga tunok sa normal na panan-awon, ang mga piskaton haha. Great enlightened post Bro. Keep it up…

Yours truly,
4th Floor Condo Dwellers Assn.
Surigao Sheraton Motel

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