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What it takes to be an atheist under Talibanic belief

Posted by darbs on August 4, 2009

Christian evangelists now a days could freely express their beliefs everywhere and anywhere without fear. Why should they? Any haw haw de carabao, America is known to be a nation of believers.

“91% of Americans the country believe in God” – John.
Watch John’s YouTube Documentary: The Price of Atheism

In the vicinity of Manhattan alone, it is noticeable that churches are standing every corner. The image below was taken inside St. Patrick’s Cathedral.


Few blocks from St. Patrick’s Cathedral there is a St. Thomas Church. Please click the thumbnails below to see the large picture.

Similar, eh!

They have St. Thomas.
Is this the same as St. Thomas of Aquinas?
or this is another St. Thomas from somewhere else?

Who knows. But  for sure, they prayed the same God, gOD, god, gOD, GOD. Hopefully, they don’t impose  their righteousness to OTHERS and STONED YOU to DEATH  if you don’t.

You have saints
They have saints
And most of all
They have a Eucharistic Celebration Too!

st.thomas-church1 st.thomas-church3 IMG_0282 St.Thomas-Church

My embarrassing moment years and years ago: I was really thinking that the Church I attended here in New York that day was the same church I left behind. I didn’t know because the church has the same features. I only noticed that it was not it when I saw the woman priest/cleric presiding the Eucharistic Celebration.

Lesson from that experience: Don’t rely on features and name calling. From then on I said to myself to  always read The F***** Manual and do social investigation.

What’s the difference? None, but there was that weird feeling… funny feeling… I became an observer. And I was not comfortable being in that position.

I’d rather be alone and meditate on my own…

silent moment

What’s the difference inside that Church?

Same God eh!

Please ask the Catholic Catechists master in Religious 101 studies, doctors in Catholic fanaticism/fundamentalism enhanced with Talibanism, then you would know the difference.

St.Thomas-Church5Founded in 1808

Evangelists in the subways and street corners: Foot soldiers

Since I started working around Midtown Manhattan, I never missed a single day without hearing Jesus-Jesus-Jesus, more Jesus then… damnation – hell – repentance and all the other shebangs that come with christian beliefs and tradition.

Of course, I heard those words from the evangelists roaming around the subways, street corners and buses.

If I missed those words in my early commute, for sure I would hear them again on the way home. I did not even include here the Jehovah witnesses, the MORMONS and the SCIENTOLOGISTS!

Jews for Jesus

Jews for Jesus

If I could not hear the word Jesus or words pertaining God, HELL, SINS, DAMNATION when my headphone is on, I could eventually read them in the street corners. See the example below.


Freedom of Religion

Sometimes in buses or in the train, these evangelists would appear from nowhere and start praying, singing and preaching about God, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus and more Jesus -then Bible-Bible-Bible -Scripture-Scripture-Scripture.

Commuters tolerated them and  nobody ever bothers them. Some nod their heads and say AMEN! In fact, most people would even gave these evangelists money when asked for donations. BEAUTIFUL! JUST BEAUTIFUL! SCENE. . .

No Freedom for You Godless Atheist, God says so: Who?

There are times that I was toiling with the idea of  a what if scenario running through my head.

What if I will start preaching atheism in front of these people?


And then asks for donation too.

Realization: I don’t think so!

Ah! of course, I know exactly what will happen to me. Only fool would do such thing, unless he/she is ready to be stoned and be beaten to death.


“The Price of Atheism” –  is the title of a blog entry where I found the youtube video. The documentary is an example of someone who in that little town did not conform to the community/school/crowd/town/peers/  beliefs and tradition.

This is what I called the imposition of their Christian belief. Is this not similar to the talibanic belief? An example of  intolerance and imposition.

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