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May 10, 2010: Election day in the Philippines

Posted by darbs on May 9, 2010

In the name of democratic thingy, Filipinos would surely elect/vote their new leaders who made so much promises (HEY, IT’S ELECTION DAY! WHAT DO YOU EXPECT?) during the campaign period with ‘something’.

Oh ya! I also heard/read something like, “my candidate is much better than your candidate!”  “my candidate will save the day!” “your candidate is ABNOY!, responded with your candidate is ABNOY!” then… yours is a big abnoy! then … ended with yours is abnoy infinity!

After a while you could hear the personalan attack like, “you are abnoy!” “You are much abnoy!” ended with you are abnoy infinity! Tanga! Ikaw kurap! mas kurap ka! Kurap infinity! Bobo walang alam! Mas wala kang alam! Bobo, praning, kurap infinity and beyond!

Oh, well . . . who cares who’s abnoy or not!

At the end of the day, the COMELEC will decide who among them is really the abnoy.

In fairness to the Democratic Spirit, all I am trying to say is . . .

Good luck to the winners!
Goodluck to the whiners!
Goodluck to the losers!

Philippines will always be the same . . . (hope i am wrong)

So help them, God!

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