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Comelec! Comelec! Who would be the 15th President of the Philippines?

Posted by darbs on May 10, 2010

Into your hands Oh COMELEC, I commend the next president. For you alone hold the power and the glory, hopefully not the “hello garci” way.

Good luck to you kagalang-galang na COMELEC. Alam kong hindi sila makakapalag sa final desisyon ninyo.

Who could be the next president, COMELEC?


Image Credits: http://2010presidentiables.wordpress.com

Where are the electorates in the picture? You may asked. Oh ya, including all the others who in one way or another openly campaigned for/with the candidates they believed could make a difference. Some I observed became fanatics in the course of the campaign trail. I don’t blame them but this time in 2010, I should say, I will stick my nose with the COMELEC. I am for the COMELEC all the way!

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