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Mission accomplished alright

Posted by exodians on May 2, 2008

The headline five years ago is once again reminiscent. This time msnbc.com ‘s image of the president’s thumbs’ up and the “Mission Accomplished” banner at the background reminds us of the time when the well publicized photo op. was held. The story behind the image might be old news but because of its relevance — the unending war in Iraq which some say is based on lies — it is a yearly occurrence.

Year after year we are reminded that “Mission Accomplished” was not at that moment but maybe a hundred years from now. This guess is based on what the Republican 70 year old; “gi-ango-ango na nga” Presidential candidate McCain said in one of his speeches, that Americans might be staying in Iraq for another 100 years. Thumbs up — for the 100 years to come!
Image Source: MSNBC.COM

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