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Bishop Villena says, “Gloria Arroyo a beacon of stability”: Post-Easter Joke by Perry

Posted by exodians on March 29, 2008

“Who is Bishop Villena?”

Irrefutable source: Visit Catholic Bishops´ Conference of the Philippines Online and read Most Rev. Ramon B. Villena, D.D’s profile, Or you can also click the screen shot below: copied and pasted image from the CBCP online website as of March 28, 2008.


For more information, you can type, “bishop villena +cbcp” (without the quotation) to your favorite search engine. If you happened to use Google by typing http://www.google.com, you will get the Google results of about 792 for bishop villena +cbcp or similar.

Note: The letter is published with permission from the author – Mr. Perry a Fil-Am Yahoo Group member.

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