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  1. Verner "Kuya vern" Simon said

    Dear Exodians,

    Pax Christi!

    I am very happy to know this website. Though I am not part of the 36 exodians but I share your aspirations. I am a broadcaster journalist for almost a decade now. I am happy with my vocation. I am working as senior reporter of radio station dxms in Cotabato City. We have some good moments with Doodz, Edgar and Leo. We are looking forward for more acquaintance.

    To Darbs thanks for your call.

    Truly yours,

    Kuya Verns

    • darbs said

      Hello Kuya Verns. Salamat sa imong tampo. Bag-o ta makasab-an sa atong mga kaubanan nga mga exodians, nia napilitan na lang giod ta og gamit sa nailhang pangalan. Ngano gud nga dili sa? Puslan man nga naligo na magpakabasa na lang. Kung lum-san man andam na sad ta ana.

      Kang Kristo Hesus,


  2. bonz said

    hello mga brothers, i belong to the new generations of seminarians, i’m glad that this website was created…., though we did not meet, but our common experiences in the seminary continues even today… i am so proud that i was a part of the seminary life. So long mga bro!!! padayon lng gid.

    • exodians said

      Igsoong Val sa bag-ong henerasyon nga seminarista, (kung amo mal-am na gali kita sini.) Matud pa sa akong lolo ngadtu sa dalagang Pilipina, “Inday, palihog tawga ko og KAWATAN, TULISAN, O KRIMINAL apan ayaw tawon ko og tawga TIGUWANG.” Kabaw lang ang motigulang.

      Exegesis: Lesson of the story

  3. hello mga uraki. nalipay gyud ko nga naa diay tay website… ayv known this from junobs ug doodz.. we’ve met hir in cotabato city sometime in october 2008.. wev talked things about exodians.. its been my personal wish that the 36 will gather someday to talk, eat and drink… hehehe.. of kurs talk about the future of exodians…. watever… beep me… mga parekoy best regards…. more power to all of you. leo

  4. oliver rivera said

    hello po!
    goo day…
    ex-dayo seminarian din po ako.
    i continued studying philosophy in NDU after i went out of the seminary and i’m on my 3rd year now.
    thesis na namin, and i’m thinking of many topics, one topic is about Gandhi’s active non-violence
    and i’m just wondering if pwede ko po ba gamitin yung “event”. about what happened back then in relation to Gandhi’s philosopy…kung pwede lang po, pero if hindi, i’ll just go and find another topic.
    i find the “historic event” interesting po kasi, and i think i can easily relate it with Gandhi’s teachings, based sa nabasa ko in this website.
    pero my problem is, if gamitin ko po yun, hindi ko po alam if saan ako kukuha ng more info.
    if you want to share to me what happened po, and if you want to help me din po in my thesis.
    if it is ok, iwan ko po contact number ko,
    txt me lang po.
    i really hope you’d understand and bear with me po.
    thank you!

  5. bradex said

    Good day bay! Pasko sa tanan. Ex-dayo sad pareha nimo. Your topic about Gandhi’s non-violence struggle is very interesting. Go for it! The info relating Mahatma’s teaching of non-violence to the seminary event is quite flattering. Bad news is that, the incident had nothing to do with Mahatma’s teaching. Personally, the movement inside the seminary at that time was more in line with the Liberation Theology (latin american experience – nicaragua, el salvador) rather than Mahatma’s non-violence struggle. Remember it was the 80’s – ang carnage harap harapan. Mahatma’s non-violence was not the ultimate option but a stepping stone towards the goal. However, as the story went, before the unthinkable had happened (insureksyon sa kasyudaran), People Power came to life! People power saved the day! Non-violence worked! Many thoughts that the idea of armed struggle is dead. Many thought that the movement and culture of violence will die in history because People Power can do the job. GOOD GOVERNANCE should follow. As easy as that! Another suggestion is you might want to look on the area of the American Civil Rights Movement and the life and works of the Civil Rights Leader named Martin Luther King Jr. Remember the Civil Rights Law was enacted to end the unrest. Good luck to your endeavor!

  6. Hello sa tanan mga brothers…

    It’s nice to recall our seminary years.
    I believe that it is easy to remove the person out of the seminary BUT it is very difficult to remove the “the seminary life” out of that person… I’m now living in Ireland and I met Rudy Montejo last year in Dublin during the Filipino Independence day celebration.

    It’s good to have a website like this… Keep it up… you can visit my website at http://www.showcaseyourmusic.com/nathanielcabanero


    Tata or Nathaniel

  7. I haven’t really known anything about exodians or what it means but I am grateful and ever so hopeful that such program and supporting motivation for seminarians who were so called fallen out of place from the seminary structure are still encouraged and given importance until today. We have gone out the seminary alright but it does not mean that we have also lost our identity as seminarians in that extent. That being a seminarian means affecting and influencing good to all walks of life. Read the rest of the entry here.

    exodians.org says,
    Brother, thank you for your reflection. It is great to have you here.

  8. Thank you for hearing out a brother in need. One more thing, If a seminarian decides to go out anticipating the already-made decision of the rector for the seminarian to be sent out, is he not a seminarian anymore by that decision technically made by the seminarian but obviously made by the rector also? suppose this was the situation: (ON REGENCY PERIOD)a seminarian was approached by the former rector , thinking he would ask how was the seminarian doing and all that, but, turned out explaining that when already outside seminary structure, the being ‘seminarian’ stops to be as it is. Technically speaking, again, the address ‘brother’ is just referred to a religious congregation and to no extent that any diocesan seminarian be called that name. so we assume that all diocesan seminarians just remain to be …? Shall we call them seminarians? or brothers? so this former rector I was talking about, (didn’t drop any name and did not include the date that seminarian was admitted) went over to this seminarian on a gathering of priests and told him that “technically” the seminarian on exposure was not anymore a seminarian because he was not anymore INSIDE seminary structure. Though we are aware that when a person decides to go out for a while, the formation is still going on unless the participant has received a sacrament of matrimony, has decided to be single, has impregnated a girl, has discovered that priesthood is not for him…etc, etc.. Now, I would like to know anyone’s opinion regarding this. There was in fact an issue of being a seminarian still, or not anymore. When does a seminarian stop to be one? Can anyone decide whether you still have vocation or not? Does anyone’s vocation have to lie at his formator’s mercy whether to be recommended to proceed or not? Obvious is the answer to this but perhaps you can enlighten me some more like you did to my other predicament. Thank you for your continuing support. May God bless us all as we pray for one another. EXODIANS, more power!!!

  9. darbs said

    Updated: October 6, 2009.

    The disclosure effect.

    Yes, darbs also owned the name BCP.

    What is in the name of the… Father, Brother, Sister, Bishop, Cardinal, Pope? How do you feel when as a young seminarian you were called brother –with further imagination soon Father —then Bishop — Cardinal! —then…Pope!

    When I was in the seminary, the tambays/ordinary people/ called me Father! or Padre! sometimes Edrap!

    When they knew that I was kicked out/expelled from the seminary, they still called me father or Padre or Edrap!

    When I finally got married, they still called me Father, Padre or Edrap!

    When the ceremony came for my American citizenship, I thought of changing my name to Bishop C. Pope.

    What’s in the name? I don’t know. I kind of like the idea that my name sounds churchy: Bishop C. Pope.

    You are in crisis young fellow! and thank you for the share. What a gutsy move! You need more experience to hardened your will to survive in this world. You are the creator of your destiny.

    What do you think about this scenario:

    Imagine – you could not get any recommendation from your formators or from your Diocese so you could apply to another seminary and/or Religious/Missionary Orders.

    In addition, you felt that the catholic institution has ex-communicated you and even believe that all of them were praying together so that the events would help destroy your dream of becoming a priest.

    What are you going to do?

  10. bonz said

    I have read a lot of discussions in this forum and i found them interesting because i can easily relate with the experiences each one shared.

    So, allow me to share my own, the thing that always bothers me since i was sent out from the seminary for the reasons that i ponder to be unfair.

    It wasn’t in my mind, the formators have already drafted a free-made decision only that i am consulted that i was recommended for outside integration at my fourth year ( no! the term was ” outside formation with of course promise of support coming from the seminary such as Spiritual Direction and access to the facilities like library, compt. etc..)

    To make it short, i finished my college outside with which i could have been so proud if i made it inside the seminary. The agreement and support they promised to me went into nothing which i am greatly disappointed with. But anyway, that was it.

    I am currently employed at Notre Dame of Isulan as a teacher which i didn’t like. Ya, Sean ( He was my classmate by the way! We were once called the promising batch.hehehe) was right. He felt the same way as i am. Yet, i am still in the high spirit of becoming a servant of God but the thing is that it seems we, ex-sem., have already neglected where in fact we need more encouragements, not even our formators asked us of ” kmusta na kayo”? what is happening in this diocese?

    They keep on looking for vocations yet they don’t care about us. Why are they so keen in forming high school graduates where in fact they have already many experienced seminarians who wanted to fulfill what once they dreamed when they were young. They wasted much time, priest here are getting scarce. They don’t die, but they just fade away. I know you can enlighten me some more, if something for me i would be happy to read them.

    Thank you and more power to the Exodians.

    Padayon mga Utod!!!!

    • Sean Anthony "Boy Labo" Yap said

      Woah!!! First and foremost, even though we are classmates, I did not (considering we were not in the same group or circle of friends during our seminary years) know anything about that arrangement. Since you already mentioned it let me, as a classmate and fellow regent for that matter, give you a piece of my mind or another light in my personal reaction and reflection in your predicament. I strongly agree with your insight Val, well I almost always do. The question goes back and forth in my mind like a marquee: Why does the seminary invest too much effort, time and financial resources in looking for about-to-be-college seminarians where in fact there are actually good vocations threatened in all sorts of forms by (let’s face it) temptations? I mean that’s a big risk for the seminary and the candidate in particular from sustaining vocation. Why can’t there be a program for regents wherein we at least still feel that we belong or rekindle and reevaluate our intentions and motivations? Yet in another light, it calls for the reawakening of what really is our goal. If you can still remember, we can be objectively correct or whatever serves us best when we set distance from our current situation, reassessing our decision and reevaluating our biases and prejudices in the transcendental phenomenological method. As long as we don’t lose the essence of being a seminarian then we still are thus, no one has the right to dictate whether we still are or no longer unless we finally give up. I believe Val, that being a seminarian lives deep unfathomable in our spirit. Why do you think these Exodians keep on communicating and finally created a website for “seminarians” like us? You see Val, even though they were sent out, banned from other theological seminaries, and even exiled elsewhere (if that is true and not just an exaggeration on my part), they never were diminished from the memories of those who knew what they were fighting for and in the hearts of those who believed in their formidable cause. With what they did, it changed the ways in the seminary formation because they were aware that there was something to be done and they had to take action for whatever took place inside formation. They knew of their capabilities in responding to what was there needed for reform. They took responsibility of their actions regardless of knowing that repercussions were catastrophic. It is therefore in the spirit that this inspiration lives within us. They couldn’t harm us, they couldn’t spurn us. How could anything or anyone destroy a life that God has touched? They may tear our bodies, haul our limbs into the four seas, but they can never touch our spirits. In His love and grace we find embrace and refuge. I will attach here my narrative report of my regency submitted to the rector of the seminary I have been longing for to be admitted (You know that already)when I reapplied only few weeks ago. Hope it helps more than it discourages. Wish you all the best, my classmate, Val. May God bless us all.

      • bonz said

        salamat kaau sa inyong mga tambag mga uraki…,maau kay anaa ning mga igsoon sa kahanginan, bitaw to much idealism can lead us sometimes to the inapplicability to the given situations..,Time to move on bitaw gyud. to my classmate Sean. PLease share this site sa mga ungas nga naglatagaw sad. Tnx a lot pre, your insights are great,. Truly, i believe that it is very easy to remove a seminarian out of the formation but never thay can take away the seminary life. Fr. VAn Centina is such a good priest here, he cares exactly the same what you feel.

        • exodians said

          Sa kapanahunan ng pormasyon, ang ungas nga seminarista nag ka krisis sa pagtoo. During sa spiritual direction gi-share nya ang iyang gibati sa pari.

          Padre, tinoud ba giong may Ginoo? Pigment man lang sya sa atong imagination di ba?

          Matud pa sa pari, “kung way Ginoo bay, then, no problem, but paano kung naa?”

          Lagi sa?

    • Sean Anthony "Boy Labo" Yap said

      On Regency

      I am aware that there are guided regency programs wherein seminarians still have regular visits to the seminary to “renew” why in the first place they entered the seminary …read the rest of the entry here.

      • Pete Dominique said

        Pax Christi! Hi Brother Sean. I was a regent before I got married. Your thoughts are very helpful. You are in the right track brother. Thank you.

        • Sean Anthony "Boy Labo" Yap said

          Thank you po sa inyong compliment bro. We do all have our own struggles in life din kasi eh….Keep it up. May God bless us always bro…

    • exodians said

      Val Vonz bay! Salamat sa padayon nga pag subaybay ning panid sa atong panagtigom. You have to be proud of yourself bro. You made it on your own. One more thing, if you really want to become a priest – you’ve got to change your philosopher. Nietzsche is too much. – – Atheism is no room – – instead find a way to erase that in your mind — Fun time is over. Your freedom as a free thinker is over. Rebellion is over. Time to move on. Kung may plano ka pang mag pari. INURAKI NGA TAMBAG NA SYA BAY!
      Check this out: The Choice of Vocation: A challenge

      • bonz said

        salamat mga uraki, by the way unsa man ang meaning sa “uraki” ahahaha, daghan ko pwede maisip.The expression is no longer familiar with us juniors.lahi na man. YA, you are right, rebellion is over. time to face reality. I wish one day we could meet the exodians in persons, maybe in one occassion of the seminary homecoming. xiao!!

  11. DFish said

    Kalinaw ug panaghiusa didjo hurot!

    • bradex said

      Hello DFish! Salamat kay nakalabay ka. Kalinaw! Hey, Fellow Hiswitik – Ad Mayorem na lang sa imoha!Na meet nimo si Fr. Intengan s.j?

      Edited by exodians: Correction lang. MSC si DFish dili sa SJ.

  12. DFish said

    Prof sa isa ka moral subject, ug tinuod dili sya immoral na aktibista hihi.MSC ni Bradex…kanhi disipulo nila Fr.Rudy Abao…

    • exodians said

      Immoral nga aktibista? interesting nga konsepto. “Immorality inside the activist movement.” Wow! that is one hell of a topic. The “truth” is, we don’t have that kind of story. Dfish, do you know something that we don’t know?

      Heavenly Suggestion: you might want to blog about your concept of morality and some possible scenarios/stories that activist becomes immoral.

      Salamat bay!

      Have you heard about Mindanao Ecumenical Union of Seminarians (MEUS)?

      Note: The power of suggestion. Thy will be done.

  13. DFish said

    Wala Bay uy, just playing with words. Mora’g samok ni nga topic Bay. Nope, haven’t heard about MEUS. Existing website?

    • exodians said

      Bitaw sa? matuman ang imong gipamulong. Sama nimo di ta aning samok nga topic. Gi google nato ang MEUS morag wa na giod madungog. No existing website.

  14. bonz said

    kmusta mga igsoon ko sa kagahapon kag karun, happy easter lang, si Kristo nabanhaw!… Nag meet me last sunday sa kadaghanang X-men sad. Nag-evolution na jud ang kadamuan.

    • darbs said

      Bay Val. Salamat giod sa imong balita. Maayo kay nag meet mo sa mga X-Men. Happy easter sad. Kinahanglan man giod mabanhaw si Kristo kay mao man na sya ang selling point sa atong pagtoo. Mao sya ang gitawag nga kadaugan batok sa gahum sa kamatayon. Nag-evolution man giod…well, that reminds us of DARWIN right? – – Ang Evolution sa gi mention mo pa.

      Source: Newsweek Online

      Nia ang Newsweek 2008 Article kabahin kang Darwin = Evolution ug kang Abraham Lincoln = Ang AMAHAN sa Civil War: Pagkalumbag sa SESTIMANG MAPANG-ULIPON. Nia ang pasiuna. Palihog basaha kung makapanahon ka.


      How’s this for a coincidence? Charles Darwin and Abraham Lincoln were born in the same year, on the same day: Feb. 12, 1809. As historical facts go, it amounts to little more than a footnote. Still, while it’s just a coincidence, it’s a coincidence that’s guaranteed to make you do a double take the first time you run across it. Everybody knows Darwin and Lincoln were near-mythic figures in the 19th century. But who ever thinks of them in tandem? Who puts the theory of evolution and the Civil War in the same sentence? Why would you, unless you’re writing your dissertation on epochal events in the 19th century? But instinctively, we want to say that they belong together. It’s not just because they were both great men, and not because they happen to be exact coevals. Rather, it’s because the scientist and the politician each touched off a revolution that changed the world. Read the rest of the entry here

  15. vanvan said

    hayz, mura gyud ko ug gibayaw sa pagkakaplag nako nianing lugara sa intarnet..sa dinugay dugay nakong ambak ambak sa pipila na ka blag ngari sa dakbayan sa blogosper, karon pa jud ko kakita ug maingon jud nako nga kababayan.. aws…

    murag mapraktis na jud nako akong maidlot nga pinulungan ani noh…maskin dri man lang sa inyong maalagaron nga blag, dili na jud mogahi ug tinagalog ang akong alingagngag..

    hala cge, daghang salamat darbz sa pagputak ngadto sakong pej..ako ta rakang ipuno sa blogroll..

    chika2 nya ta sunod ha…

    • darbs said

      salamat vanvan sa imong taktalaok dinhi sa among pej. Sa tinoud lang nia nakapang garab na sad ta ini ug bag-ong pulong sama sa “alingagngag”. nalimtan na jud nako na nga pulong ug salamat sa pahinumdum. Nia naa na sad tay bag-o nga pulong. bitaw hinay hinayan ta ra unya ug basa basa tung imong tinagawog nga blog pero kung mahimo lang kung may binisaya ka nga mablog pindoti lang mi dinhi ha? Salamat jud uyamot nga dako.

  16. […] 2009 I am not sure how many people received this email with a subject “Beauty of Math”(forwarder: Kuya Verns), but for sure the signatory by the name Ms. Maglinte encourages us to share it like she did. […]

  17. bonz said

    election na usab, time to volunteer for CHAMP, Clean, Honest, Acurate, Meaningful and Peaceful election 2010

    • darbs said

      @Bonzkie, salamat sa dalaw kapatid.

      CHAMP ba ang pangalan?

      Kailan kayo mag umpisang mag blog, para naman kahit konting liwanag man lang sa lugar na iyong dinadapuan okey na. istoryang binotbot lang gud puedi na sad basta may dalang tinoud.

      Salamat sa pagbisita bay!

  18. ivan said

    This is the moment for I already found now the other face of the world. I’m connected now with the new way of expressing myself. Hoping to find my truest self and so and I can say welcome back in my HOME. For I am still optimistic to discover and explore the beauty of life and aprreciate its complexity.

    • darbs said

      Ivan, glad to know that you found the lost world we called cyberworld ning panganod sa hunsoy sa hoyuhoy.

      Next time don’t forget to fill in your url para naman mabisita at mabasa ang na discover mo sa iyong pag explore ng beauty of life at pag appreciate mo sa complexity nito.


  19. browny99 said

    hello, I am new here in wordpress and new in blogging, I came across your blog and I am really surprised to find out too many Kabayan bloggers.
    I subscribed to your posts, love reading it.
    I am Lorelyn Knight from Canada, here’s my blogsite: http://www.browny99.wordpress.com nothing interesting…there yet…you know bago lang kasi di ko pa kabisado ang mundo ng blogosphere…thank you…puro ata kayo US based eh, lungkot dito sa Canada, medyo wala ako masyado pa network of friends bago lang din ako dating dito, mga 5 years pa lang.

    • darbs said

      Hello browny99, thanks for passing by. Nice to meet you! Glad you enjoy reading… wait…

      love reading? wow! nakaka-iyak ka naman. (pamahiin lan, puera buyag, puera gaba)

      at umiyak nga. letcheng luha hindi mapigilang tumulo. tatrapuhan ko muna luha ko.

      sensya na ha? madrama si lolo engot mo. first time lang kasing narinig yang word na yan.

      anyway, gusto mong maka meet ng maraming pinoy in terms of social climbing?

      visit this site. http://barriosiete.com.

      By the way para hindi mo na ipapaskil palagi yang address mo ito ang suggestion pag may time ka.

      Step 1. Punta kang Dashboard

      Step 2. Click Users

      Step 3. Click Your Profile

      Step 4. Scroll down hangang makita mo ang “Contact Info”

      Step 5. Under Contact Info Fill in mo ang Website:

      Step 6. Click mo Update Profile


      Yan hindi mo na kailangang sabihin kung ano ang URL mo dahil automatic na kaagad na may link ang browny99.

  20. browny99,

    Barrio based kami hahaha! i’m from the land of engkantos! the city of new orleans hehehe!

  21. darbs said

    Reynz, nabisita ko si browny99. mukha atang pang barrio writer ung quality nya at parang mabigat sa literature sya. baka mainvite na ring maging barrio siete writer di ba?

  22. Delfin Suarez Jr. said

    hello exodians!

    from NDAS here, entered the seminary in 2005 and graduated last march 22, 2009.
    i decided not to continue my seminary formation. your discussions here are helpful. congratulations for the webmaster for creating this site.

  23. bonz said

    bay suaky? kamusta ang paglalayag?

    • suacky said

      ok lang man val. daghan lingaw sa gawas. pero dili lagi tanan oras lingaw-lingaw na lang, hehe

      karon ra ko nakabalo aning ‘exodians’ ba. sa upat ka tuig sa seminaryo wala man ko kadungog ani sa story nila. interesado pud ko sa ilang story kay ilang SD sauna bishop na namo karon, hehe.

      kutgw na lang sa imo val. idja-idja na tag paningkamot ani sa kinabuhi, hehe. mubalik pakag pagkapari?

      • bonz said

        Bitaw bay, common ra man na sa atoa nga mga hitabo …kuyaw sad nig istorya ning mga tawhana, check out ang mga bloggers ani, puro na sila author ani. American based na sila halos tanan, kilalaha si Darbs murag daghan na nahibal-an.hahaha. Lately lang sad ko kahibalo ana bay, murag panahon ni Fr. Relator ba to ata. ang kuyaw nila kay nag-unite sila, nakahimo jud ug istorya nga gibilin sa seminaryo.
        Seminaryo ba bay? ambot ani ky murag nalingaw na man ko, pero mingaw sad usahay, balita kay Butch, naa nay anak ang amaw, sekreto lang.hehehehe. Padayon sa pagpanaw kapatid na Suaky.

        • BOY LABO said

          BAy, gibinuangan ra ko ato ni Butch preng…wala na sigurong magawa sa buhay…I thought it was that urgent kasi tumawag talaga siya…tsk3x. hindi totoo na tatay na si Butch. Akala ko maunahan na niya ako.hahaha

      • BOY LABO said

        CONGRATULATIONS!!! and WELCOME to the club Pin. Musta ka na sa iyong new struggle? Whatever it is that you are going through I’, sure that you will EXCEL. God bless you always.

        • revilo said

          @vonz: hehehe! dude! ano ung kay butch? haha kabayan mo si dorin good boy na xdo.hehe konting tiis nlng graduate nq.bwahaha
          dude, libre nman. uhaw na ang camel dito.haha

          • bonz said

            wla yun, biro lang yun…alam mo na.hehehhe. cge pag,akabalik ako jan. Balita ko tinumba mo raw mga JUMEX jan.buti nga sa kanila.whahahah. Musta na ang THesis? pasok ba ..

  24. BOY LABO said

    musta na kayo preng?

  25. shepherd said

    helo EXODIANS…
    this is my first time to see this site
    i am still in the formation now
    you caught my attention brothers
    i didn’t now that their is a website like this

    kababayang suaky….
    msta kna ngay?
    hope ur happy with ur life now

    this site is very interesting for those ex-sem and stil in the formation.
    this site is very useful

  26. bonz said

    Bay shepherd, welcome to this world!

  27. darbs said

    Para sa mga bagong NDAS na commenters like, Bonz, Shepherd, Suaky, Boy, Pete, Revilo and all the others who are coming soon… Welcome na lang sa inyo hurot. Any story from your end that you can share with us is most welcome.

  28. shepherd said

    pagsa-ulo ra sa golden anniversary sa seminary ug calebration na pud sa alumni homecoming.

    • darbs said

      @Shepherd. Salamat sa invitation bai. Nia pud diay makita ang invitation sa forum at http://www.runboard.com/bndas39.f1.t37

      Forum pud diay ni sya nga gipasiugdahan sa mga taga NDAS nga mas nauna pa sa atua.

      In other words mas tiguwang pa sa akoa.

      Morag mao ni sila tung tradisyon sa seminaryo kaniadto nga matud pa sa haka-haka may pagka SENYORITY COMPLEX kunuhay nga kinaiyahan. Mora gani ug PMA style nga tradisyon ang gisubay. Kung na belong ka sa higher years morag feeling senyority giod. ug dili modungo sa mga lower years. Dapat lower years hangad hangad sa ilaha. Kung i-imagine nako ug exaggerate ang description, mga manoy style kaayo ba ug mo salute ka pirmi kung lower years ka lang.

      Ambot kung unsa ka tinuod kay balita na lang man ang akong nadunggan nga matud pa sa cubicle sa mga higher years kaniadto, may nakasulat nga nagkanayon “KNOCK AND YOU SHALL BE KNOCKED OUT!” Kuyaw sa?

      Naka-attend ba mo sa last 2008 “Dayo Tayo Ngayon At Magpakailaman” ang theme nga gathering sa NDAS SEMINARY?

      Unsa man diay tu sya nga celebration morag 50th anniversary man pud lagi tu sya.

      I-blog ra unya nako ang maong celebration. mangayo sa ta ug approval kung pueding ipaskil ang nadawat nga komunikasyon.

      • shepherd said

        wla nmn gud nang senyority kuya darbs……
        wla ko atong 2008 nga celebration………….
        pero may launching nga nahitabo ghpon dd2………..
        pero karong mi.abot nga 2010 gyud ang celebrasyon….
        unta mka adto mu kuya……………

  29. Boy said

    Thanks for the full recognition Kuya Darbs. Sometimes that’s what we lack, in being recognized. It’s not that we always want something in return in all our works and sacrifices. I know so well that our silent and humble thoughts, words and deeds are altogether tailored in heaven already without any significant recognition from anyone. But sometimes, you know (as Pacquiao would say it) the silence of heaven is very deafening and it is as if our prayers fall on deaf ears. I’m not blowing this simple thing into a really big deal or anything that shall be given attention to, I’m simply saying that as natural human desire, there is this urge of having our own spotlight that we get, in one way or the other, noticed. A simple gesture like, “You know I like your insight, or “I am truly inspired by your reflection”, or “Good job”. More often than not, in our real world, our mistakes are getting noticed many times if not all the time. I mean, I appreciate this site so much because instead of pulling each other down, why not push a brother in need up. I really like the ambiance and environment created here. You have a very good job in welcoming everyone here. So keep it up guys. You’re doing a great and superb job. This is a simple gesture of welcome that everybody needs nowadays amidst our frustrating and stressful environment around us. God bless and more power.

    • darbs said

      Salamat sa imong bulawanong mga pulong bai Boy. Morag lawom giod ang imong reflection. Agree giod kaayo ko sa matag pulong nga nahitala. kinahanglan nato na sya matag karon ug unya.

  30. SONIC BOOM said

    good day…..pwede makijoin….just col me codename sonic boom…this is interesting…just ask shepherd about my identity….

  31. darbs said

    Welcome Sonic Boom. hahaha! Sonic Boom man giod. Unique name.

    just ask shepherd about my identity

    Hello bai shepherd unsa ni si Sonic Boom bag-ong tubo nga taga NDAS sad?

    Don’t worry about your identity bro Sonic Boom. Naa ta sa open air. However, panalipdan nako ang imong email add sa katapusang tulo sa akong dugo. yati ra… bitaw bai salamat sa pagbisita.

  32. Mr. Nonsense said

    kudos sa topics. binaha rin ba ang comment section at hindi gumagana?
    anyway, god bless. sana ok lang family mo

    • darbs said

      binaha rin ba ang comment section at hindi gumagana?

      kabaliktaran po Mr. Nonsense.

      Dam, dam, dam, dam dam darararam. ANG DAMBUHALANG DAM!

      sinarado ko na po ang Dam. Ayaw kong buksan ang dam baka bahain at ang ulan ang ituturing na makasalanan sa pinsala na mangyayari sa bayan..

      OK ang LaPamilya Senyor. Salamat… isa sa mga nasa puso nating pinoy, kitang kita sa iyo ay ang being thoughtful. Thank you for asking. Everything is okey.

      Sa NY, Swine flu lang naman ang kalaban. In fact may vaccine na na nakalaan required para iturok sa mga health professionals na nagtatrabaho sa mga hospital corporation. Free po ang vaccine and … “Mandatory new regulations regarding employee immunizations.”

      Ito ang natanggap na memo ng mga HHC employees na sabi pa gawin silang ginea pigs este i-vaccinate sila nitong bagong labas na swine vaccine. Don’t worry pa daw dahil itong vaccine were tested na daw sa mga unggoy, matsing, daga pati buwaya kasama na. very safe at walang nangyayaring masama.

      Of course, alam mo na may mag protesta kaagad dahil hindi naman lahat maniniwala.

      Pero ginawa in proper way – – via Labor Union nga lang para may proteksyon sa mga makapangyarihan – – dahil ang sabi pa ng administrator nang malaman nito na may ayaw sumang-ayon sa bagong palisiya ay ito…

      … “ang hindi magpa vaccinate ay mawalan ng trabaho!”

      Mag Walis tingting na: yan po ang labor union.
      Sampu kayang baliin. ngunit kung marami hinding hindi kayang baliin.

      Hindi indbidwal ang labanan dapat collectibo gaya ng kantang walis tingting.

      • SONIC BOOM said

        we flipnos are creatve…nice video

        Note: Gamay nga censorship. bai sonic boom kuhaon lang nato ang word before sa creative ha. Kay nanghulam lang ra ba ta sa maong video. Basin negative ang pag intiendi sa maong word kay kabalo ka naman basin dili sila makasabot nga in good way ang imong buot ipasabot. Salamat sa pag sabot sa gamay nga censorship. – darbs

  33. bonz said

    Hello sa tanan mga kaigsoonan, glad to know nga daghan na ang nakahibalo aning atong panagsumpay…, mga bag-o lang na sila ngatubo bay Darbs,.

    sa imo pre Boy, keep on posting, i love to read your thoughts ,i mean dugo akong ilong,nosebleed ba.hahahaha. SOnic Boom,kita kitalang ta,this is bonz signing off..Xiao!

  34. suacky said

    hahaha nalingaw ko sa walis ting-ting, hehe

    • darbs said

      @bonz. salamat giod bai sa tabang pag welcome sa mga kaigsoonan. tinoud bitaw ka, si boy morag seryoso giod bitaw ni sya. remember tung iyang unang sulat tampo.

      @boy. lately, morag atong na observe nga gi-change nimo ang iyang nick to “boy labo.” may meaning pud kaha na sya? Bai, boy kung gusto nimong ilisan ang original nimo nga gihatag nga pangalan just tell me ug puedi sad nato ilisan ug gamiton lang nato imong angga.

      @Suacky. salamat kay nalingaw ka gamay sa walis ting-ting. makangisi pud baya ta. ang imong gamay nga message mao na sya ang gi-mention ni Boy sa iyang latest comment.

      Ayo-ayo lang giod mo dinha mga bai!

      By the way, sa mga bag-ong NDAS sems naa pa ba mo Cultural Nights? Just wondering. Thanks!

    • shepherd said

      mka lingaw jud ang walis tingting……..

      msta kna kabs suaky?
      ok nka sa kinabuhi nimo dnha?
      hope ur ok…

      • suacky said

        @shepherd – kabs shepherds sa tinuod lang wa ko kaila nimo ba. pero ok ra na, kabs man kaha ta, we’re of one heart, hehe. kmusta ang seminary?

        • shepherd said

          kabs suaky.kabs bitaw ta.sory nanago ko. bsta txt lng tika karong sem break.
          ok lng man seminary. puro na flower.
          wa nay gulayan didto ron. puro nlng jud flowers. colorful na gud ang seminary.
          hope 2 see u dis sem break kabs.

  35. suacky said

    mga igsuon

    can someone suggest me a book. philosophical akong gusto. kanang makabag-og dagan sa paghuna-huna. kanang mapalit ra pud dri sa pilipinas syempre.


  36. Boy Labo said

    ok ra sa akua Kuya Darbs biskan unsa…hehehe unya dili man pud ko kaayo seryoso…hehehe just want to share the piece of my mind while I still have my sanity.hehehe haay kinabuhi…tagaasa diay ka Kuya Darbs. senxa na wala gud ko kaila nimo.

    Pareng Valz, Birthday ra ba ni Titing run, kahapon kay Fr. Bocario, happy2 pud mi gahapon…musta naman ka bay, balita ko reapply ka REMASE this December, how true? uban mo ni Ranie dude daw? I’m happy for you bay. At least naa nay magpalit nako…hehehe

    Pin, kumusta buhay jan sa labas? plano ko rin nga magmasteral sa ADDU or baka mag law na rin. Still trying to find options…that I’m passionate about. anyway, God bless sa kung ano man ang iyong undertakings.

    • darbs said

      tagaasa diay ka Kuya Darbs. senxa na wala gud ko kaila nimo.

      Bai Boy taga Pilipinas pud baya ko. Katutubong Mindanao.
      Matud pa sa taga Manila nga akong kaila dinhi, maski nag-uban na giod mi ug simba sa St. Patricks Cathedral, giingnan na nako nga nakataak ta sa seminaryo, nangutana pa giod pagkabalong taga mindanao ta nga “mslim” ka ba? hahahahah! pastilan.

      Anyway, asa sa mindanao? sa southern minda. pero mas nagdugay ko sa cotabs, apil na ang sultan kudarat area ug sa bandang dulawan.

    • bonz said

      Bay Sean, bilis ata ng balita, wala to bay…tikal2x lang to, para ma-intriga pud ta gamay. Mamalandong sa ta ang dako-dako gid para shoot ang tupa. Bay, wala na gyud kay plano bay, sayang kaayo ang imong wala nahuman nga mission.? tagae si penpin ug principle bay sa Law of Attraction.

      @to darbs, Labo na ang annga, kahibalo na man ka nga basta sa seminaryo ilisan gyud imong tarong nga ngalan. hahahaha.

  37. Boy Labo said

    unsang libruha pud na Pin?
    daghan ra ba na kaayo sa NDAS…

  38. darbs said

    kanang makabag-og dagan sa paghuna-huna.

    bai Suacky, lisuda pud nang imong gipangayo nga suggestion oi. kaigit man sad ta ana. hehehe…

    bitaw bai, una sa tanan basi sa tinigulang nga tambag og observation sa pamuyo ning kalibutan morag wala may libro nga makapabag-o sa atong pangisip. Okey makatabang ang pilosopiya nga libro as a guide. So as the bible matud pa sa mga relihiyoso. Kay mao na man na ang ultimate nga libro giya sa Misteryosong pagtoo. (yati ra)

    Anyway, I know you know this already…Kay matud pa, aron maka survive kita sa gawas (semex especially) kita man mismo ang mo-adjust depende sa kahimtang nga atong gipuy-an. Pero ayaw kalimti nga naa tay basic principle nga gibarugan. Work from there.

    Remember ang basic tenet sa pilosopiya sa tawo nga matud pa, we are always in dialog with ourselves… dialog with the THOU…isigkatawo – ug sa hmmm…. pili lang GINOONG KAHITAS-AN MAY BUNGOT OG WALAY BUNGOT, Mother Nature, Absolute Being, THE POWER WE FEEL BEYOND OURSELVES…

    By the way, philosophy ba ang imong major pag gradwet nimo sa sem? Unsa ang imong thesis?

  39. Boy Labo said

    hahahaha lingaw kaayo ang walis ting2 ba…naa diay professional way of using it…hehehe

  40. suacky said

    @boy labo – just about anything, about life, love, money, career. kanang something helpful for discernment, making career decisions, relationships with people, anything good to read. i know uv been reading a lot, so kanang naka-impress sa imo. share with me those books that impressed you. tnx tnx

    @darbs – correct ka kuya darbs. murag kahilak man pud tag popcorn ana ui. its a good reminder. tnx tnx a lot. philo diay akong major. thesis nako about michel foucault’s postmodernism.

    • darbs said

      @Suacky. swaks na swaks ang imong Michel Foucault. Gi-google diay nato ni sya. http://www.google.com/search?q=michel+foucault%92s

      Hesus ko…Kalibang man sad ta ani ug igit…hilak ug popcorn… sikma ug duryan. wow!

      paborit nga link so far.


      Sus, lamia unta kon ma publish nimo imong Thesis sa? pero dili na lang ta mamugos. hehehe.

      Nia diay ang youtube nga akong gikalingawan tan-aw tan-aw.

      bai suacky, thanks for sharing sa imong tesis de pilosopiya.

    • Boy Labo said

      I think I have what you just need. What do you think would be most preferable in your part or more comforting? Would you like to read? If not, I have videos of what you are talking about. I do not know how to send this to you. Have you ever heard of of the law of attraction? There is this book I know that could help you. The title is “The Secret”. It has been previewed in our last recollection we had with Sr. FM. It discusses everything about success, money, relationship, world, almost everything that a man desires and how to attract it. It has been shown in the OPRAH, LARRY KING LIVE, ELLEN, and many others in US TV Stations. Another is “The Opus”. It reinforces the arguments presented in “The Secret” A book for different personalities of human person, I can suggest is the “Personality Plus” by Florence. There have been many books that talk about all these things. Just keep in touch if ever you have finally found these references you need. God bless you always.

    • darbs said

      @Boy Labo. Thank you for the share.

      You mentioned about this;

      The title is “The Secret”. It has been previewed in our last recollection we had with Sr. FM.

      I am not sure if this is the video you are talking about. If this is it then… interesting. THANK YOU!

      AWESOME BRO! AWESOME! Law of attraction… Never heard about this law until you came.

      @Boy! when are you going to start BLOGGING!

      Now na, bai

      NOW NA!

      Suggestion lang… wala ni sya pugsanay.

      • Boy Labo said

        hehehe wala man gud ko kabalo anang blogging bro.hehehehe manul pa man gud ko ana…yepz, I have a dvd with me but I think you can see that law of attraction in youtube. Hope you have seen the full documentary about that. I would like to suggest that you also see “The Opus”. It is a supplementary video of “The Secret”. They are really interesting and very helpful documentations that focus on the power of our stored potential within that we just do not know what we are capable of doing. It has helped me a lot. It made me realize that all the things that are happening to me are no accident—-I attracted every event in my life. I, myself, can testify to that, though I am not yet successful. I hope you enjoyed Kuya Darbs…God bless

        • Boy Labo said

          Kuya Darbs, this is just a parcel of the whole documentary, the first 120 minutes. I have with me a dvd copy of the whole documentary. It’s really amazing but its ideas are not really new but it was just presented in a contemporary approach. Very helpful. I have always started motivating my class in showing this to them and it has made a great impact in believing in themselves more than the need of others believing in them. Once they start realizing this, it will really be a powerful tool in making their own destiny instead of believing that we are who we are because of what we are used to have been. I realized that it is wrong to think that because of what we see around us, then that should be what we think. Even in the Bible it states that, “As you think, so shall it be”. Our tendency is, be before think. What we think most of the time manifests faster depending how often we think about it. If we think about debt, the more it shows up and we keep wondering why it always shows up. The right thinking is, we have to focus most of our attention to the solutions rather than thinking of the problem. It is not wrong in thinking about the problem but it is wrong to focus much of our attention to the problem rather than exhausting our efforts in finding solutions. There are lots of things that are presented in this and I hope it helps us have a more optimistic perspective or new eyes in seeing the world as we ordinarily see it today. Enjoy watching this. God bless.

          • bonz said

            It’s nice to be back!

            Your topics are getting interesting,,.The Law Attraction? I have seen also that documentary. Is it for real but i like it because it uses philosophical and some kind of theological applications. …I like it Boy, can I barrow it so that maintindihan ko jud na.

            So long!

  41. shepherd said

    pwde mangutana sa inyong tanan mga brothers.
    kung kamu akuang pangutan-on.
    ok lng ba nga mag demand jud ka sa birthday nimo?
    kanang i.comand jud nimo ang uban pra lng ayuson jud ug tarong ang imuhang party.kana bang bongahan jud.

    unta mka answer mu…

    • darbs said

      Tambag binotbot dala tininuod. Bahala ka nang mopinsar bai.


      Unsa ka importante sa imoha ang birthday?

      Pila ang imong gihuna-huna nga BUDGET sa imong bongga nga party?

      Asa ang venue?

      Pila ka tawo ang motambong?

      Scenariong binulay-og:

      Shepherd kung ako imong tatay nga adunahang yutaan, kapitalista, daghang kwarta, milyonaryo o dili ba kaha usa ka politisyan nga daghang nakurakot sa kaban ng bayan, then basin walay problema nga mo-demand ka nga bongahan ang imong birthday. Basta ayaw na lang pangutan-a kung asa gikan ang gaawas awas natong kabtangan og kwarta. Pero kung mangutana ka kung asa gikan… well, it is none of your business na lang.

      Shepherd kung ako ang imong tatay nga naghago isip usa ka OFW nagpatulo ug singot dinhi sa laing nasud ug maka afford sa bonggahan nga birthday party ug ikaw lang isa ang anak… nganong dili gud. Anyway, wala bitaw ninyo makita ang among kalisod ug ang among kamingaw dinhi samtang giwaldas ninyo ang among gipadalang kwarta. Ingna imong nanay, ug i-demand sa imong nanay kay padalhan ra mo. Pangutang kung mahimo kay bayaran ko ra na sya sa sunod nga padala.

      Shepherd kung ako ang imong tatay nga dili dako ug sweldo, hasta lang tawon pangbayad sa bills ang gikitaan nga panarbaho, sabta na lang tawon dong kung simple lang imong birthday party.

      Shepherd kung ang imong tatay usa ka simple nga mag-uuma o mamumuo ba kaha… pastilan morag lisod kaayo ang imong gipangayo.

      Kung ako ang imong tatay in real life, I need to know how much is the budget?

      Before I give you the money… you have to work for it kay wala nnamo gipangpunit ang kwarta aron igasto sa lavish nimo nga b-day party. By the way, depende sad diay kung may budget para sa imong b-day nga among na save. Basin sa ulahi hatagan lang tikag pamasahi paadto sa simbahan sa adlaw sa imong b-day ug mag-ihaw lang ta og manok sa balay. Ug mag salo salo ta uban sa imong pamilya.

      Imbitaha sad diay ang imong suod nga higala. kung may sobra tang gamay nga kwarta para pang beer or tuba or red wine okey sad. kung wala, mohangyo na lang ta nga mangutang lang sa sari – sari store ni Nang Takya.

      Pero kung naa ka sa Amerika, five months pa lang pangutan-on ka na kung unsa ang gusto nimo sa imong b-day. Party or kwartahon na lang para isulod sa imong savings.

      • shepherd said

        salamat sa mga answer kuya darbs.
        pero dalom man gud ning issue ngani.
        dle ni about nako.
        but something very interesting inside and out.
        pero tnx kuya darbs.

        • darbs said

          Sori bai Shepherd kung gigamit nako imong ngalan sa pag answer sa binulay-og nga tubag. Ayaw baya seryosa ning inyong lolo ha especially sa answer na ug tubag pa. mora gani og double na redandansi pa.

          Anyway, sa giingon mo na nga dili ni about you, in addition dalom pa giod nga issue.

          Sa akong paminsar, you are right.

          Reason: kay kung dili dalom ang maong isyo ipangutana pud ba diay nimo ang maong tubag. Wait, tama ba?

          Bisag unsa pa ang atong tubag sa pangutana in the end, ang nahingtungdan na giod mismo ang mag decide base sa iyang nakitang realidad.

          Matud pa, “with us, or without us, the MASSES are going to . . .” ah, apilan napud ug lumang tugtugin, kay sarap kantahin, “ang hagit sa ebanghelyo…” na kay layo na ng tingin.

          Usa sa atong kulturanhong Filipino, mahilig man giod ta ug bongga. Kana ganing feeling engrande! Feeling sikat… Feeling greatness… May kasabihang “One Day Millionaire, bahala na sa next day and the following days kung mantinir dil-dil ug asin,” basta partaayy!

          Kay kung dili ka mag-pabongga sa imong party kabalo ka na ingnan man dayon ka ug kuripot or ingnan ka nga a pobreha pud ninyo oi! – maski toilet paper wala? Lami tubagon, “tuay palwa sa lubi gamita pag-ilo.”

          Asa na ba ta? hahahahah! morag nawala na ko sa passing.

          end here.

    • Boy Labo said

      This is what I think about birthdays. In my humble opinion, I think a birthday is a venue of thanksgiving for the life given.It is therefore a celebration of life. It is when you and other people as well are thankful for the gift of person in you. Your presence in other words brings joy to other people or your presence is indeed a blessing to others. You as a celebrant just celebrate this gift of life. It is a gift and not a right. You are not privileged nor entitled to it. It is not supposed to be given to you, and you don’t deserve it. I don’t want to sound as an antagonist but I think a gift is something that is freely given to you from the bountiful hearts of those who care and love you. But because people choose to give a gift and we are used to receiving a gift in our birthday, it has now become a habit or an expectation every time we celebrate our birthday. It is not your right therefore you don’t have any right to demand what it is you want in your birthday. you just wait what people will give you. If in your parent’s side, consider also your current situation or the budget at hand. If you intend to celebrate your birthday at your own expense, there is no problem with that because you just want to treat yourself and thus letting other people celebrate it with you. It is natural to feel special during our birthday but it does not necessarily follow that we “should” have what we want during this day. I hope you understand what I mean. I wish I did not offend you with my opinion. anyway that is just my opinion. Just look at it this way, I’m just one heck of a stranger who is one darn idealist. You can still choose to rock your party if you wish it. God bless always.

  42. Boy Labo said

    http://www.december212012.com/ I want you guys to check this out and see it for yourself. Perhaps you might really want to give this one a thought. VERY URGENT!!!! http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=december+2012+doomsday+scientific+explanation&search_type=&aq=f This has something to do with all our current predicament in our country. It does not only happen in our country but spontaneously in all parts of the world. That typhoon in Manila, is just a minor effect of this new scientific discovery. Find what this is all about. I know when I first saw and heard of it, it scared the hell out of me. I hope they are wrong. I’m not having any conclusion yet, but it is possible. May God bless us all.

  43. Valent said

    I was a “fan” of NDAS (seminarians) in late 80’s (“,)(“,)…kahibalo pud ko a bit about the 36 exodians… Murag November 1987 man tong expulsion…I felt bad about the expulsion para sa akong best friend (one of the exodians). Dream man gud nako nga siya ang mag-officiate sa akong kasal.(“,)although adtong panahuna, wala pa koy boypren. (“,) I was 4th year HS in one of the ND schools and that was 1987-88. Importante kaayo sa history of the exodians adtong adlawa…so please check. (“,)

    Lawom kaayo akong concern no? (haha)

    Best wishes exodyanos!!!

  44. Hello, I am writing a graduate work about “2012 domsday”. I’ve already gathered enough information on this topic, in the Internet, but still not enough.

    Tell me pls where I can find something unusual. I am interested in site like this 2012 end of world

    Specializing on 2012, doomsday, Apocalypse 2012, People and the Earth, Prophecy and the Mayan Calendar. Also interested in Rebuttals.
    Thanks to all.

  45. jrgon said

    unsa maingon ninyo sa participatory governance.???

    • darbs said

      lihog lang bai kung naa ka link ma-recommend reading materials paki hatag na lang sa website.

      • jrgon said

        sa akoa lng bai,, ang participatory governance nang morag ang grassroot level of society naga participate for the development of their community. nga la jud kaau naga kinahanglan sng assistance from the national funds.

  46. jrgon said

    gikan pud ko sa NDAS.,subong ja run ko sa iloilo., ja ko tulad ga trabaho sa isa ka NGo kung tawagon ICODE. we are more on advocacy,. ang project namo karon ay TAG-PHE-which is all about good governance.

  47. shepherd said

    kuya darbs
    kung ikaw tatanungin
    may mabuti pa bang kandidato tayo ngayon?
    may mabuti pa bang presidente na pagpipilian?
    salamat kuya darbs

    sya nga pla
    part na rin me ng mga grupo ng X
    part na ako ng family

  48. lee said

    psssst, bhai
    gano ba ko katagal nawala? (nakatingala)
    ilang beses akong nagta try pumasok mahigpit
    ang gwardia dito eh.
    namiss na tuloy kita, kayo, kayong lahat
    pati na ang hamon at letchon, nakauwi nakot
    nakabalik dito galing sa 2 buwang bakasyon
    sa pinas naubusan ako ng fiesta ham,pasko lang daw meron
    sana masilayan kitang muli, hugs!

  49. shepherd said

    helo guys….
    malapit na ang 50years celebration ng NDAS…..
    sna mka punta kau…..
    kita kits nlng sa NDAS…..

  50. mabulaklaknadila said

    Hah! musta! buti na lang pala pinaltan ko yong theme (mahogany)ko. kakambal pala ng theme ni darbs hahaha. mega palit ko tuloy theme ko. wahehehe.

  51. bonz said

    hey guys check out the update on the grand 50 years homecoming in facebook http://www.facebook.com/album.php?id=100000817600579&aid=9080&s=20&hash=80b8e3b1b17d7d3f34a706a48cc24d57#!/group.php?gid=116045670909.tnx see you there. bay darBs, use your powers to connect to alumni out there.So long!!!

  52. shepherd said

    mga guys…
    unta mka adto mu sa 50 years clebration ng NDAS…
    pra mag sinadya tah dd2…
    see you there…

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